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Having or exhibiting keenly perceptive intellect.

sharp′-wit′ted·ness n.


having or showing a keen intelligence; perceptive
ˌsharp-ˈwittedly adv
ˌsharp-ˈwittedness n


having or showing mental acuity.
sharp′-wit′ted•ly, adv.
sharp′-wit′ted•ness, n.
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Mentally quick and original:


[ˈʃɑːpˈwɪtɪd] ADJperspicaz, despabilado


[ˌʃɑːpˈwɪtɪd] adjsveglio/a


(ʃaːp) adjective
1. having a thin edge that can cut or a point that can pierce. a sharp knife.
2. (of pictures, outlines etc) clear and distinct. the sharp outline of the mountain.
3. (of changes in direction) sudden and quick. a sharp left turn.
4. (of pain etc) keen, acute or intense. He gets a sharp pain after eating.
5. (often with with) severe. Don't be so sharp with the child!; She got a sharp reproach from me.
6. alert. Dogs have sharp ears.
7. shrill and sudden. a sharp cry.
8. of a musical note, raised a semitone; too high in pitch. F sharp; That last note was sharp.
1. punctually. Come at six (o'clock) sharp.
2. with an abrupt change of direction. Turn sharp left here.
3. at too high a pitch. You're singing sharp.
1. a sharp note. sharps and flats.
2. a sign (#) to show that a note is to be raised a semitone.
ˈsharpen verb
to make or grow sharp. He sharpened his pencil.
ˈsharpener noun
an instrument for sharpening. a pencil-sharpener.
ˈsharply adverb
in a sharp manner. a sharply-pointed piece of glass; The road turned sharply to the left; He rebuked her sharply.
ˈsharpness noun
sharp practice
dishonesty or cheating.
ˌsharp-ˈwitted adjective
intelligent and alert. a sharp-witted boy.
look sharp
to be quick or to hurry. Bring me the books and look sharp (about it)!
References in classic literature ?
She was a very sharp-witted and well- instructed lady, and was so conscious of her own wisdom and abilities that she thought it a pity that the world should not have the benefit of them.
These preliminaries disposed of, he applied himself to teaching her the game, which she soon learnt tolerably well, being both sharp-witted and cunning.
The traders halted at the sound of this language and the sight of the strange figure that uttered it, and from both figure and language at once guessed the craze of their owner; they wished, however, to learn quietly what was the object of this confession that was demanded of them, and one of them, who was rather fond of a joke and was very sharp-witted, said to him, "Sir Knight, we do not know who this good lady is that you speak of; show her to us, for, if she be of such beauty as you suggest, with all our hearts and without any pressure we will confess the truth that is on your part required of us.
Thou art keen-witted, Jewess,'' replied the Templar, well aware of the truth of what she spoke, and that the rules of his Order condemned in the most positive manner, and under high penalties, such intrigues as he now prosecuted, and that, in some instances, even degradation had followed upon it ``thou art sharp-witted,'' he said; ``but loud must be thy voice of complaint, if it is heard beyond the iron walls of this castle; within these, murmurs, laments, appeals to justice, and screams for help, die alike silent away.
If I had not been mad--for though we madmen are sharp-witted enough, we get bewildered sometimes--I should have known that the girl would rather have been placed, stiff and cold in a dull leaden coffin, than borne an envied bride to my rich, glittering house.
Nor could she help contrasting the conversation of the sharp-witted man at her side with what she still remembered of the vague, touching, boyish enthusiasm of the millionaires of Devil's Ford.
Their amazement at me, my language, my rules, and ways, once subsided, I found some of these heavy-looking, gaping rustics wake up into sharp-witted girls enough.
We are absolutely thrilled to have Olivia hosting this year's ceremony, and know that she will deliver an entertaining and sharp-witted evening to everyone in the room, and the viewers at home," he said, as reported by E
Thursday, English subtitles available Sharp-witted TV presenter and BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio Cymru DJ Huw Stephens will reveal which characters reached the top 10 of the all-time 'Cwmderi Greats' as voted by you the viewers.
Here, his family is different: His mother is still alive, his father is kind, and he has a sharp-witted sister.
James Nesbitt, John Thomson, Fay Ripley, Hermione Norris and Robert Bathurst are just as loveable and sharp-witted as before.
The novel is well-written, revealing a cast of memorable characters and sharp-witted dialogue which may help critical readers overlook some issues with the plot.