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1. High proficiency in shooting firearms.
2. Accurate, often unexpected verbal or written attack.
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It was when there had been skirmishing and sharpshooting all day in the woods.
'Saand Ki Aankh' will see the two actors playing Prakashi and Chandro Tomar in who took up sharpshooting in their 50s.
Chandro, 87, and Prakashi, 82, are from Uttar Pradesh's Johri village and reportedly took up sharpshooting in their 50s.
Fighting a spunky effort Monday night at home from the Chicago Public League's Von Steuben, which played well above its 8-21 record, the Cougars broke the game open on the play of its bench, getting 14 points from forward Kaan Aygar and sharpshooting from the perimeter from Brandon Blakely in registering a 66-50 win in the opening round of the Class 4A Conant regional.
The sharpshooting point guard and two-time league MVP ( will return Saturday night against the Pistons, but what about Green?
ESPN first reported the sharpshooting Korver is on the move.
In the quarters at Studio 29 this afternoon, the Nationals will play the Bahrainis, the Group C third seeds who scored a 76-65 victory over the Taiwanese, the Group D second seeds who earlier in the day lost to the sharpshooting South Koreans, 86-97.
ROBERT Redford's place in Hollywood's pantheon of legends is guaranteed for his role as the sharpshooting sidekick to Paul Newman's genial outlaw in 1969 classic, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
However, does sharpshooting really serve the purposes of deer management?
This new Marvel series sees the sharpshooting mercenary go from hunter to hunted when her own powers betray her.
The sharpshooting Fil-Canadian, who is celebrating his 26th birthday, finished with 16 points, five rebounds and three steals as the Fuel Masters notched their fourth win in eight outings to tie the KaTropa in fifth place.
At the outset of the American Civil War, the wealthy inventor and expert shot Hiram Berdan initiated the setting-up of sharpshooting units in the Union Army.