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or shash·lick  (shäsh-lĭk′, shäsh′lĭk)
A dish consisting of marinated cubes of meat, such as lamb, grilled or roasted on a spit, often with slices of various vegetables; shish kebab.

[Russian shashlyk, of Turkish origin.]
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(Cookery) a type of kebab
[from Russian, of Turkic origin; compare shish kebab]
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shish ke•bab

(ˈʃɪʃ kəˌbɒb)
small cubes of meat, esp. lamb, usu. marinated and broiled, often with vegetables, on a skewer.
[1910–15; < Turkish şişkebabI=şiş spit (compare shashlik) + kebap roast meat (compare kabob) + -I 3d singular possessive suffix]
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From Shashlik to Sheher-e-Zaat to Suno Chanda, she never fails to steal our hearts.
It's clear Bushra has made a lot of effort since the morning as there is so much to choose from: mozzarella sticks with carrots, cucumber and walnut salad, bread rolls, samosas, chicken shashlik, chicken nuggets, dahi vada, chole, peri peri bites, water melon, pani puri, chicken koila kadai, Peshawari mutton, juicy beef brisket and pineapple delight for dessert.
He said strong historic relations exist between both countries and Pulao, Kofta, korma, Aalu Ghosht, broken rice and shashlik are favourite diets of the people of Kyrgyzstan and Trout fish is also available abundantly there.
What to try: Shashlik Kebab - Cubes of chicken cooked oil a charcoal grill & served in pitta bread with salad
The juicy smoking shashlik, baked vegetables, tender cooked dolmas, the dumplings, the list goes on and on, but what is the historical background of the culinary diversification of Armenia.
He said halal food was easy to find and he mostly ate kebabs and shashlik (Russian shish kebabs).
There are dishes which combine the flavours of Indian and Chinese cuisine such as noodles with an Indian slant, and one of the mains is Chicken Shashlik, which is chicken with green pepper, red pepper and an Indo-Chinese sauce.
Other second courses include a wide variety of kebabs and shashlik, including lamb, beef, chicken, duck, and fish (baliq) kebabs.
Wanting to steer away from my usual chicken tikka or chicken balti, I let my eyes wander to the chef's chicken specials section of the menu and after having my taste buds substantially tempted by both the haandi murgh and the shashlik maza, I went for the latter, which was billed as a mix of "chicken tikka, onions, tomatoes, and peppers marinated in spices, grilled over charcoal in the tandoor, then added to a medium-thick sauce".
My husband Nick found the Chicken Shashlik had large juicy pieces which were nicely charred and still tender, but again lacking any particularly remarkable flavour.
The series of Ufone commercials not very long ago were based on some leading comedy plays of the 90s like 'Teen Bata Teen', 'Shashlik', 'Family Front,' etc.