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v. shaved, shaved or shav·en (shā′vən), shav·ing, shaves
a. To remove the beard or other body hair from, with a razor or shaver: The barber lathered his face and then shaved him.
b. To cut (the beard, for example) at the surface of the skin with a razor or shaver.
2. To crop, trim, or mow closely: shave a meadow.
a. To remove thin slices from: shave a board.
b. To cut or scrape into thin slices; shred: shave chocolate.
4. To come close to or graze in passing. See Synonyms at brush1.
a. To reduce by a small amount: shaved two months from the schedule.
b. To cut (a price) by a slight margin.
c. To purchase (a note) at a reduction greater than the legal or customary rate.
d. To limit the number of (points) scored by one's own team in an athletic contest by point-shaving.
To remove the beard or other body hair with a razor or shaver.
1. The act, process, or result of shaving.
2. A thin slice or scraping; a shaving.
3. Any of various tools used for shaving.

[Middle English shaven, to scrape, from Old English sceafan.]
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Adj.1.shaved - having the beard or hair cut off close to the skin
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From earliest infancy it had been a cherished ambition of mine to be shaved some day in a palatial barber- shop in Paris.
I said I wanted to be shaved. The barber inquired where my room was.
I conjecture, sir, it may not be long since you shaved from the former of these motives.
In that neighbourhood there were two villages, one of them so small that it had neither apothecary's shop nor barber, which the other that was close to it had, so the barber of the larger served the smaller, and in it there was a sick man who required to be bled and another man who wanted to be shaved, and on this errand the barber was going, carrying with him a brass basin; but as luck would have it, as he was on the way it began to rain, and not to spoil his hat, which probably was a new one, he put the basin on his head, and being clean it glittered at half a league's distance.
Elsewhere, the world got up at eight, shaved close at a quarter-past, breakfasted at nine, went to the City at ten, came home at half-past five, and dined at seven.
Pierce, who prided himself on having shaved General Washington, Old Put, and many other famous persons,
People used to sit in the chair, reading the newspaper, or talking, and waiting to be shaved, while Mr.
shaved, frock coat fitting like a glove, brand new eye-glass,
Yes, Marshall's shaved off his beard at last and cut his hair.
Pickwick, 'that that chap's been here a week yesterday, and never once shaved himself yet, because he feels so certain he's going out in half an hour's time, thinks he may as well put it off till he gets home?'
I perceived he had not shaved himself that day; and yet the wildest motion of the ship in the most stormy latitudes we had passed through, never made him miss one single morning ever since we left the Channel.
It was not exactly a hairdresser's; that is to say, people of a coarse and vulgar turn of mind might have called it a barber's; for they not only cut and curled ladies elegantly, and children carefully, but shaved gentlemen easily.