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Noun1.shawny - showy perennial herb with white flowersshawny - showy perennial herb with white flowers; leaves sometimes used as edible greens in southeastern United States
waterleaf - any of several plants of the genus Hydrophyllum
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Mccormack Shawny K, to Robison Terry R & Berg-Robison Eliza; 1294 E St.
30pm with performances from Shawny Dee, winner of the Piazza People Talent ConPiazza People Talent Contest in 2013; the Kirklees test in 2013; the Kirklees College Dancers and Singers; and the Tom Gee Band.
My son's been growing up FOR dad-of-one Lance Corporal James Wright, the best thing about being back was getting a hug off girlfriend Shawny Miller and 14-month-old son Coby James.
We're good playmates, but I'll always be Shawny not daddy.
They will also introduce guests including Kirklees College singers and dancers, the Tom Gee Band and the Piazza People Talent Contest 2012 winner Shawny Dee.
Survivors include her father, Ernie McCormack of Redmond; her mother, Kathy McPheeters of Pleasant Hill; grandparents, Lois McMullin of Drain and Pink McCormack of Yoncalla; and two sisters, Shawny McCormack and Paola Faught, both of Springfield.