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A woman regarded as cruel or malicious.
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a female person or animal regarded as cruel, wicked, or ill-natured
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a woman who resembles a devil, as in extreme wickedness, cruelty, or bad temper.
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Noun1.she-devil - a cruel womanshe-devil - a cruel woman        
disagreeable woman, unpleasant woman - a woman who is an unpleasant person
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Yes, I must lie still and feign sleep, with every nerve and fibre leaping within me, lest the she-devil below should suspect me of suspicions!
I've run away from a she-devil; I want to be out of sight.
"My two unnatural daughters, my she-devil children come to mock at me!"
What further might have developed I cannot say, for at that moment a perfect she-devil of a lioness, with keener eyes than her lord and master, discovered us.
'You jade,' said Ralph, 'if your husband has been idiot enough to trust you with his secrets, keep them; keep them, she-devil that you are!'
This was such language indeed as I had not been used to, and I was here beaten out of all my measures; I had a she-devil in my bosom, every hour telling me how great her brother lived.
Noel Vanstone to take a private opportunity of looking at you; and I am going to give the lie direct to that she-devil Lecount by painting out your moles."
And all these scenes of violence came and went accompanied by the unrefined noise of deep vociferations proceeding from a man wounded in his paternal pride, declaring himself obviously accursed since one of his kids was a "slobbering idjut and the other a wicked she-devil." It was of her that this had been said many years ago.
Sporting a dark lip and red velvet Ralph Lauren dress, the 32-year-old channeled her inner she-devil and dominated the blue carpet.
"Jersey She-Devil" flaunted an aggressive spray tan and sequined Spandex shorts with an American flag print, her jet-black hair swinging behind her and her middle fingers flying.
Which British feminist author wrote The Life and Loves of a She-Devil? 10.
Live performances include burlesque dancer Shannon Million (who plays Race With The Devil's "She-Devil") and her troupe, Nashville Burlesque.