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1. A young sheep that has been sheared once.
2. The tanned skin of a sheared sheep or lamb, with the short wool still attached.
3. A synthetic material that resembles shearling.


1. (Agriculture) a young sheep after its first shearing
2. (Tanning) the skin of such an animal


(ˈʃɪər lɪŋ)

1. a yearling sheep that has been shorn once.
2. the skin of a recently shorn sheep or lamb, tanned with the short wool still on it.
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Shearlings - PS1400, PS1300, PS1050, PS950 & PS750 (x2) Lowes Fell, PS600 Lowes Fell & Blue Burn, PS500 Lowes Fell & Blueburn, PS480 Blueburn, PS400 Lowes Fell, Edlingham Newtown (x2) & The Shield Ram Lambs - PS380 West Butsfield, PS350 Burndale Ewe Lamb - PS250 Burndale Hexham & Northern Marts at its opening prize show and sale of Breeding Rams offered an increased entry of 676 rams which included 427 pure bred Texel Shearling Rams and Ram Lambs.
Their pen of quality shearlings sold for between PS577.
Another of their shearlings sold for 1,000 guineas.
Champion pen of shearlings, from JA & R Geldard realised pounds 285/head when selling to A Hughes, Caernarfon.
Recently, the Searle collection has taken a new direction by including, with its own signature sportswear, coats, and shearlings, selections from different contemporary designers, lingerie, accessories, and shoes.
In all there were 101 shearlings sold at PS2,000 or more and 35 lambs at PS1,000 or more.
Shearling ewes: On a good day for Mr Ellis, he topped the female prices with a pen of five shearlings to phone buyers C & A Kennedy, Co Antrim.
Averages Shearlings (494) to pounds 500, av pounds 156; Ewe lambs (312) to pounds 170, av pounds 101; Ewes (45) to pounds 120, av pounds 111; Rams (61) to 4,700gns, av pounds 742.
Mr Rees' pen of seven shearlings forward averaged 5,485 guineas.
Now, although the shearlings and coats are still there, all five stores will have a representation of new look.
Outwith the reduction sale, others sold to PS113 for Mule shearlings carrying twins from Haithwaite who also sold Cheviot Mule shearlings carrying twins at PS110, principal prices:-North Country Cheviot 3 crop (single to Bluefaced Leicester) PS81 Priesthaugh; Suffolk shearlings (twins) PS100 Haithwaite; Texel shearlings (1/2 twins, 1/2 singles) PS95, PS90 Haithwaite; Lleyn shearlings (1/2 twins, 1/2 singles) PS74 Crosshill; Mule shearlings (singles) PS88 Haithwaite, PS85 Waterloo; Texel geld ewe hoggs PS94 Crosshill; Mule geld ewe hoggs PS86 Stonehall.
It was one of the best runs of shearlings we have brought to Builth," said Dewi.