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tr.v. sheathed, sheath·ing, sheathes
1. To insert into or provide with a sheath.
2. To retract (a claw) into a sheath.
3. To enclose with a protective covering; encase.

[Middle English schethen, from schethe, sheath; see sheath.]

sheath′er n.
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Adj.1.sheathed - enclosed in a protective covering; sometimes used in combination; "his sheathed sword"; "the cat's sheathed claws"; "a ship's bottom sheathed in copper"; "copper-sheathed"
unsheathed, bare - not having a protective covering; "unsheathed cables"; "a bare blade"
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"You are right, Tara of Helium," he replied and sheathed his sword.
Basilio and Quiteria having thus joined hands, the priest, deeply moved and with tears in his eyes, pronounced the blessing upon them, and implored heaven to grant an easy passage to the soul of the newly wedded man, who, the instant he received the blessing, started nimbly to his feet and with unparalleled effrontery pulled out the rapier that had been sheathed in his body.
Poulter," said Tom, when the sword was being finally sheathed, "I wish you'd lend me your sword a little while to keep."
"Because I had its big door sheathed with boiler iron two weeks ago, and triple-locked -- and I've got the keys."
These walls were 1.22 m in width and 2.44 m in height (with 2 : 1 aspect ratio) and were sheathed with steel sheathing at one side.
According to AAMA and WDMA, a ROESE is necessary when a flanged window is installed with walls sheathed with exterior continuous insulation-insulating sheathing--most typically foam plastic insulating sheathing.
* A single hand ejection button that minimizes the risk of sharps injuries while disposing of the sheathed blade.
OKAZAKI Manufacturing Company (OMC), a leading manufacturer of high quality, high accuracy temperature measurement products, including thermowells, mineral-insulated thermocouple and RTD cable, has developed the world's smallest sheathed thermocouple, which has an outside diameter equivalent to that of a human hair.
For example, in some cases the code will call for a 4-foot sheathed section on both sides of a garage-door opening, or at the house corner, or flanking an entry door--interfering with the designer's window or door placement or forcing an unwanted adjustment in room dimensions.