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An unlicensed drinking establishment, especially in Ireland, Scotland, and South Africa.

[Irish Gaelic séibín, measure of grain, grain tax, bad ale, diminutive of séibe, mug, bottle.]


(ʃɪˈbiːn) or


1. Irish and Scot and South African a place where alcoholic drink is sold illegally
2. (Brewing) (in Ireland) alcohol, esp home-distilled whiskey, sold without a licence
3. (in South Africa) a place where Black African men engage in social drinking
4. (Brewing) (in the US and Ireland) weak beer
[C18: from Irish Gaelic síbín beer of poor quality]



Scot., Irish Eng., South African. a tavern or house where liquor is sold illegally.
[1780–90; < Irish síbín illicit whiskey, place where such whiskey is sold]


An Irish word meaning poor quality beer, used to mean an illegal drinking den.
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Noun1.shebeen - unlicensed drinking establishment
tap house, tavern - a building with a bar that is licensed to sell alcoholic drinks


[ʃɪˈbiːn] N (Irl, South Africa) → bar m clandestino


n (Ir) → Kaschemme f, → Spelunke f
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Another book fair will also launch on July 27 in Menoufia governorate, named Shebeen el-Kom in its third edition.
She spotlights three interconnected lives: Thoko, a middle-aged sangoma (traditional healer) and shebeen queen (owner of a backdoor illegal pub); Dankie, one of oMandelaAEs children,o educated entirely under democratic governance; and Regina, an elderly tapestry weaver and devout Catholic.
Unknown gunmen riding a motorcycle shot the policeman dead in the town of Shebeen Al Koum, they added.
The non-fiction works, mostly written in the journalese style, include Shebeen Tales: Messages from Harare (1994), Palaver Finish (2002) and various other articles published in newspapers such as the South African Mail and Guardian, archived on the its webpage as an author.
Up to 3580 shebeen owners have been registered in the Khomas Region and more than 400 in the Kunene; Omaheke; Omusati; and Ohangwena Regions, as the Namibia Retailing Traders Association (NRTA) has committed themselves to ensure members operate their shebeens within the legal framework of the country.
Meanwhile, I can also reveal that CAROLINE FLACK CAROLINE FLACK, FLACK 35, the host forfor the Xtra Factorthe Xtra Factor forXtra Factor for thethe past four years, has been told shebeen told she hashas to audition for her role if she wants to return.
Quinn - whose band are called Shebeen and whose songs include The IRA Will Set Them Free - was so happy with the gig at which Stokes came on stage he tweeted about it.
The striking companies included Mahalla, Kafr Al-Dawar, Sbahy Al-Biza, STIA, Shebeen Al-Kom, Al-Mahmoudeya and Nasr.
Six tenders for the supply & erection, alternatively supply only, of the electromechanical equipment pertaining to six sanitary drainage stations at different villages in Sohag, Assuit, Suez, Shebeen El Kom in Menoufiya, Damietta & Kafr El Sheikh.
The event included live music, food from Whole Foods Market and Aziago's Restaurant, beer sampling from Shebeen Brewing Company and special guests included Emmy award winning actor John Wesley Shipp and WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund.
Last Wednesday, Quinn, 47, who sings with Irish rebel band Shebeen, was charged with breach of the peace.
Time for you to sit back, savour your Jack Rose ( Jack Daniel's, lime and pomegranate- flavoured grenadine) served in an aluminum tumbler, ask for Botley Bag Lady's Favourite ( broken sausages on toasted brioche and smocked scarmoza) or the Shebeen Sandwich ( with harissa artichoke and apricot chutney), and settle into a conversation.