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Amid the uproar, the soldiers stood glaring at the people with the fierceness of men whose trade was to shed blood.
(all of you) by the merits of the Saviour that ye are not pirates, nor have shed blood lawfully or unlawfully within forty days past, you may have licence to come on land.'
I have sought to stifle remorse by twenty years of good deeds; I have assuaged the natural ferocity of those who shed blood; on every occasion I have exposed my life to save those who were in danger, and I have preserved lives in exchange for that I took away.
The place, by the by, was very stuffy and oppressive, and the faint halitus of freshly shed blood was in the air.
Yes, his enemies were the worst: they shed blood they had no right to shed.
I won't shed blood; it's always found out, and haunts a man besides.
"And how dared I, knowing myself, knowing how I should be, take up an axe and shed blood! I ought to have known beforehand.
His sin was expiated,--the curse was gone from him; and in the hour when he had shed blood dearer to him than his own, a prayer, the first for years, went up to Heaven from the lips of Reuben Bourne.
Cadmus hardly knew whether to consider them as men, or some odd kind of vegetable; although, on the whole, he concluded that there was human nature in them, because they were so fond of trumpets and weapons, and so ready to shed blood.
The former Foreign Affairs chief paid tribute not just to the nation's heroes but also to those who have shed blood, sweat, tears, in the defense of this nation and the values it represents, like the uniformed personnel.
The chairman of the "Aprel baatyrlary" public association Zamir Aliyev said that Atambayev came into power due to shed blood of citizens.
He said he would readily turn over the position to the chosen one without the need to shed blood.