shed roof

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shed′ roof`

a roof having a single slope.
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Up stairs I went to a window opening on the shed roof.
Biddy, who slept in the attic, practised getting out on the shed roof, so that she might run away at the first alarm.
Contract notice: jva ravensburg, workshop building j, shed roof renovation + photovoltaic system, pollutant remediation and demolition
It includes solar lighting and a wood-burning stove and Joel grows his own vegetables on the shed roof
Burglar forced open shed roof, entered and stole two BMX bikes.
Birmingham Crown Court heard Ebanks used the sword to smash a window and then jumped on to a shed roof following an argument with his brother at his grandmother's home.
Shed roof is in my sights HIGH MAINTENANCE I ONLY had a bit of time at home last week, so only the most urgent of tasks got a look-in.
We've also go PV solar panels on a shed roof to produce electricity to cut our bill, so we get the feed-in tariff on the panels.
The women ended up locking themselves in the conservatory then hiding on the shed roof.
False IDs have been used, one man jumped over the fence from a garden shed roof, and three people have been smuggled in by hiding in a car boot.
However last weekend's job to repair a sagging shed roof was different.
Whether it's a shed roof, garage roof, the roof of a chicken house or even a complete house roof, not only will you be providing the insect life with more food, it'll be prettier to look at and also provides great insulation.