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1. One that sheds, as a long-haired animal or a molting snake.
2. A lobster or crab that is shedding or has just shed.
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1. a person or thing that sheds
2. (Zoology) an animal, such as a llama, snake, or lobster, that moults
3. (Agriculture) NZ a person who milks cows in a milking shed
4. (Professions) NZ a person who milks cows in a milking shed
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(ˈʃɛd ər)

1. a person or thing that sheds.
2. a lobster, crab, etc., just before it molts.
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Noun1.shedder - an attacker who sheds or spills blood; "a great hunter and spiller of blood"
aggressor, assailant, assaulter, attacker - someone who attacks
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Bradley was suspicious of every sound he heard, and of every face he saw, but was under a spell which very commonly falls upon the shedder of blood, and had no suspicion of the real danger that lurked in his life, and would have it yet.
"Speak not of vengeance, husband," she answered, "I, too, am near to that land where the Slayer and the Slain, the Shedder of Blood and the Avenger of Blood are lost in the same darkness.
Balfour, than yon misguided shedder of man's blood.
"I am a priest," he cried unsteadily, "and a priest should be no shedder of blood.
The first acquisition included the brands of Fireshell, Heat Shedder, FireSafe and Structure Saver Intumescent Coatings--proprietary fire and thermal products that have been servicing the various construction markets for over 20 years.
'The act of purchasing the subject Tornado Shedder Chippers without the requisite public bidding and/or without justification in resorting to direct contracting displays manifest partiality, evident bad faith, and inexcusable negligence,' the court explained.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 27, 2019-Innovative Chemical Products Acquires Fireshell, Heat Shedder, FireSafe and Structure Saver Intumescent Coatings from TPR2 to Accelerate Product Development
"They are called shedders but it's very difficult at the moment to see who is a shedder," he added.
If it's the time of the year when shedding normally happens, or if your dog is a year-round heavy shedder, warn your host in advance, and offer to do fur clean-up duty at the conclusion of your visit before you leave.