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Noun1.sheep pen - a pen for sheepsheep pen - a pen for sheep      
pen - an enclosure for confining livestock
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"In the end I deemed it would be the best plan to do as follows: The Cyclops had a great club which was lying near one of the sheep pens; it was of green olive wood, and he had cut it intending to use it for a staff as soon as it should be dry.
But every morning she would escape into the sheep pen to eat hay and play with the flock.
According to Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris, police in Morphou located the stolen bell in a sheep pen in Avlona village.
Crownover's in "Sheep Pen Canon" Lee Sowell narrates the Pard Newman battles which nearly cost him his life.
Mr Farmer was too drunk to walk unaided and is seen being carried by two friends as the 40-strong group headed back to the Sanderson Road property where first-years were told to crawl into a sheep pen and drink vodka from a pig's head.
Most of all he liked to sit and watch an elderly cloth-capped farmer repair a wind-ravaged sheep pen in the Ogwen Valley, every now and then puffing on a pipe as he lifted heavy stones into place.
class="MsoNormalA sheep pen. PHOTO | TOM MWIRARIA class="MsoNormalWhen I approach 74-year-old Kirop Kiptanoi, he is herding animals on a verdant hill.
One man told the Thomson Reuters Foundation he slept in a sheep pen and suffered beatings if an animal got sick or dirty.
RSPCA inspector Gemma Cooper said that as a temporary measure the micro-pig was looked after by a vet, but he kept trying to break into a sheep pen - it was thought it was because he was lonely.
The sheep pen and pig sty exits were also left ajar but the animals were not harmed.
The teaching hospital has progressed from The House of God and Mount Misery by Samuel Shem to the Sheep Pen in this novel.
He opened in Brussels the scandalous restaurant "Kosharata" (The Sheep Pen), believed to be a gathering place for the Communist secret services of now-former Yougoslavia.