sheep sorrel

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sheep sorrel


sheep's sorrel

(Plants) a polygonaceous plant, Rumex acetosella, of the N hemisphere, having slightly bitter-tasting leaves and small reddish flowers

Sheep sorrel

Wood sorrel (one variety of oxalis). Sometimes chewed for its taste or in salads.
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Noun1.Sheep sorrel - small plant having pleasantly acid-tasting arrow-shaped leavessheep sorrel - small plant having pleasantly acid-tasting arrow-shaped leaves; common in dry places
sour grass, dock, sorrel - any of certain coarse weedy plants with long taproots, sometimes used as table greens or in folk medicine
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Though he jokes, he isn't a "full vegan" because "1 eat lamb's quarters, sheep sorrel, pigweed, hen of the woods, and chickweed, and if no one's looking, I won't hesitate to pull out and devour a cattail!"
There are also plants for the butterflies' caterpillars that we can grow in our gardens and they include bird''s foot trefoil , common and sheep sorrel, cuckoo flower, garlic mustard, holly, ivy, honesty, hops, nasturtiums, native grasses, stinging nettles and thistles so the weeds are useful too!
Dean presented the evidence for a drug-free approach to treating IBS, which includes eliminating causes of increased gut permeability and the use of probiotics, glutamine, quercetin, and herbs such as slippery elm, sheep sorrel, and licorice root to heal the intestines.