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The UK harbours more than 20 species of this relative of the spider, but it is the sheep tick that poses the biggest risk to humans.
I recently found myself in hospital dangerously bleeding from a sheep tick bite (after an hour and a half ambulance ride, full lights and bells) only to be met by a doctor who obviously had never seen a tick, or knew what they could do, or how to protect me from Lyme Disease.
AFTER my father decided to drag us through overgrown gorse bushes whilst on a walk in rainy South Devon several years ago, a sheep tick became attached to my head.
An experimental evaluation of conventional control measures against the sheep tick, Ixodes ricinus, L.
He knew that Shelter Island was Lyme disease territory, he knew about the rash, and he knew that decades before in Europe there had been an unsuccessful attempt to show that a spirochete from the sheep tick was responsible for ECM.
In the UK, Lyme disease is carried by the sheep tick (Ixodes ricinus), the hedgehog tick (I.hexagonus) and the fox tick (I.