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(Animals) another name for sheepshead
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n., pl. (esp. collectively) -head, (esp. for kinds or species) -heads.
a large California food fish, Semicossyphus pulcher, of the wrasse family. Also called fathead, redfish, sheepshead.
[1535–45; from the resemblance of its teeth to those of a sheep]
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Caption: Bradly Cooper, 10, is racking the sheephead up in Jacksonville with some blue crab claws.
(2011) reported that the California sheephead Semicossyphus pulcher attained larger sizes at higher latitudes that were characterized by colder temperatures, and also fewer competitors.
Paw Paws Mobile Service Repair LLC LLC 1/10/2018 11505 Forest Crest Ln Ramble House, LLC LLC 1/3/2018 10329 Sheephead Drive Frederick A.
Home range and habitat utilization of adult California Sheephead, Semieossyphuspulcher (Labridae), in a temperate no-take marine reserve.
In Tampa Bay, sheephead reached a maximum age of 15 years.
Home range and habitat utilization of adult California sheephead, (Semicossyphus pulcher) (Labridae), in a temperate no-take marine reserve.
Sheephead Films (Arizona, USA) and available on
Ken Gobalet at CSU Bakersfield inspected a sample of fish bones showing that fish consumed at the Market Street Chinatown included local freshwater species (pike, Sacramento blackfish, Sacramento sucker, and Sacramento perch), marine species of northern California (cabezone) and southern California (sheephead, senorita, and ocean whitefish), exotic species likely from Asia (drumfish), and a number of taxa found in multiple climates (houndsharks, carp, toadfish, kelpfish, rockfish, chub mackerel, and sea bass).
Site-specific differences in the feeding ecology of the California sheephead, Semicossyphus Pulcher (Labridae).
Large sheephead, halibut, and white seabass are all well-represented in the waters off California and make for fantastic eating.
Lovejoy, pictured, and his old Saturday morning pals Sheephead, Fenners and Robbie Knox, have spent the last few months working on the internet magazine show, which will combine football, music and banter.