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1. Embarrassed, as by consciousness of a fault: a sheepish grin.
2. Meek or stupid.

sheep′ish·ly adv.
sheep′ish·ness n.
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Noun1.sheepishness - feeling embarrassed about yourself
embarrassment - the shame you feel when your inadequacy or guilt is made public
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[ˈʃiːpɪʃnɪs] Nvergüenza f
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It was almost a prayer, but a prayer that included a thousand meanings Daylight strove to feign sheepishness, but his heart was singing too wild a song for mere playfulness.
Bounderby looked very hard at the good lady in a side-long way that had an odd sheepishness about it.
He drew a deep breath of relaxation and finished the glass of sweetness with that sense of self-conscious sheepishness which most men feel when they surrender to the sticky charms of an ice-cream soda.
Mr Pancks, in whom these impersonal compliments produced an irresistible sheepishness, never rallied after such a charge.
A boy's sheepishness is by no means a sign of overmastering reverence; and while you are making encouraging advances to him under the idea that he is overwhelmed by a sense of your age and wisdom, ten to one he is thinking you extremely queer.
Within them, Eve describes to her children how it felt to love Adam physically for the first time, nodding to their sheepishness: "God invented sex, did you know that?" This style helps to transform the Bible into a very human document, filled with people made of flesh and blood.
It is therefore with a certain degree of sheepishness, if such speciesism is still permitted, that I have to admit that, not too long after reading it, I was suddenly struck by the number of similarities between a writer having to produce a column (let's say for The Journal) and a woman having a baby.
Sat at the back of the church, which was adorned with gaudy purple ribbons, fairy lights and huge lavish flower displays, I was conspicuous by my sheepishness.
But even that sheepishness didn't cause me to turn around.
"That's my hobby," he says, without a hint of sheepishness. "I color mandalas.
On the evening in question, the white poets performed their roles in the customary manner: gazing abstractedly into space as Alexander spoke, or smiling with liberal sheepishness, and nodding in agreement.