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A hitch made in a line to shorten it.


(Knots) a knot consisting of two hitches at the ends of a bight made in a rope to shorten it temporarily



a kind of knot, hitch, or bend made on a rope to shorten it temporarily.
[1625–35; short for sheepshank knot; literal sense unclear]
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Noun1.sheepshank - a knot for shortening a linesheepshank - a knot for shortening a line  
knot - any of various fastenings formed by looping and tying a rope (or cord) upon itself or to another rope or to another object
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He was said to be paying his addresses to Lady Jane Sheepshanks, Lord Southdown's third daughter, and whose sister, Lady Emily, wrote those sweet tracts, "The Sailor's True Binnacle," and "The Applewoman of Finchley Common.
Now, thanks to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), Scouts can do more than just help old ladies across the street and learn how to tie a sheepshank knot.
But Ipswich chairman David Sheepshank last night insisted Villa have yet to make a bid for Holland, who is a prime candidate for sale to ease the club's growing debts.
What do Sheepshank, Matthew Walker and Turk$s Head all have in common?
Mr Cameron also met England captain Steven Gerrard and vicecaptain Frank Lampard before being given a guided tour of the facilities by St George's Park chairman David Sheepshanks.
The Court Group, chaired by businessman David Sheepshanks, has agreed to open 25 branches in East London.
FA: David Sheepshanks has stressed the need to produce more coaches and of a higher quality to get the best out of English footballing talent after the opening of the National Football School at Burton.
David Sheepshanks know the benefits will be mainly felt long-term and hopes SGP will eventually lead to more English managers being given an opportunity in the professional game.
And as the pounds 100million St George's Park base, near Burton upon Trent in Staffordshire, was opened last week, the project's chairman David Sheepshanks also claimed it should boost the number of English bosses in the Premier League.
That is the view of St George's Park chairman David Sheepshanks, who also revealed the FA will ask current England boss Roy Hodgson to leave a legacy at the centre for future bosses.
Ellis reminded NFC chairman David Sheepshanks of this pledge on a recent visit to the Centre.
NATIONAL Football Centre chairman David Sheepshanks believes there will be no need for England to appoint a foreign coach after 2020.