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1. The act of shearing sheep.
2. The time or season when sheep are sheared.

sheep′shear′er n.


[ˈʃiːpˌʃɪərəʳ] N
1. (= person) → esquilador(a) m/f
2. (= machine) → esquiladora f
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The robotic sheepshearer and the floating bicycle failed to catch on, while Baxter's assertion in 1965 that paper pants would replace conventional underwear didn't quite come true either.
Despite being bothered consistently by the pursuit of her three contending suitors, Bathsheba never experiences failing of any sort in her capacities " as a woman farmer, a farm manager and a sheepshearer.
There was the time in his youth when he worked as a sheepshearer and one of the sheep, just before it could be wrestled down, kept scratching the earth with its front hoof -- endlessly.