sheer off


w>sheer off

(person: = make off) → sich davonmachen
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She tried to sheer off, but the supernatural animal approached with a velocity double her own.
He took the precaution to sheer off from the two watching gods, and walked carefully to the corner of the cabin.
The thin smoke had blown away, we were clear of the snag, and looking ahead I could see that in another hundred yards or so I would be free to sheer off, away from the bank; but my feet felt so very warm and wet that I had to look down.
“Haul off, haul off, Master Bumppo,” cried Benjamin, “your top-light frightens the fish, who see the net and sheer off soundings.
She seemed for one moment to acknowledge the terrible side of life which is concerned with the emotions, the private lives, of the sexes, and then to sheer off from it with all possible speed into the shades of her own shivering virginity.
About three in the afternoon he came up with us, and bringing to, by mistake, just athwart our quarter, instead of athwart our stern, as he intended, we brought eight of our guns to bear on that side, and poured in a broadside upon him, which made him sheer off again, after returning our fire, and pouring in also his small shot from near two hundred men which he had on board.
Rees, though machine-gun bullets were dropping like hailstones all around him and was badly wounded, stuck to the wheel and kept the launch alongside until he got the order to sheer off when the last man had been taken from the cruiser.
The midfielder has grown an impressive afro since pledging not to cut it until ending his drought and when he drove home his side's fourth of the day he celebrated by allowing club physio Rob Price to sheer off a lock of hair.
Local TV station KTVU quoted witnesses as saying that the plane's tail appeared to sheer off as it was coming in to land at around11:20 a.m.(2020 GMT).
Having cultivated it for more than a decade, Coloccini will resist any attempt to sheer off his locks.
If left uncorrected, the flange will eventually sheer off completely.
Smith went on the auction block as a number of House members bid for the chance to sheer off the whiskers, and then two constituents promised $1,000 if the governor would do the honors.