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trac′tor feed`

a mechanism for moving paper in a computer printer by means of pins that catch in perforations along the paper's sides.
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The Renton, Washington-based company, which manufactures corrugated sheets for box manufacturers, will be the first dedicated sheet feeder to install the Nozomi press, an award-winning, ultra-high-speed production system that redefines the role of digital print in the corrugated packaging space with throughput speeds up to 6,600 2.
Under the terms of the agreement, PCA will acquire full-line corrugated products and sheet feeder operations in McClellan, California and Kingsburg, California.
Scanning products Plustek will display for the first time at CES include: SmartOffice SC8016U, an 80 ppm A3 sized document scanner with a 100 sheet feeder and 8000 page per day duty cycle; SmartOffice PS456U, an 80 ppm A4 sized document scanner with a 60 sheet feeder and a 6000 page per day duty cycle; OpticSlim 1180, and A3 tabloid sized flatbed scanner.
By cutting an A3 document in half, the automatic sheet feeder on a scanner can be used for batch-mode scanning to avoid the effort of folding and manually feeding each sheet.
The Elsner line incorporates an automatic sheet feeder and moves the standard roll unwinds overhead.
The GlossCoat line is used to add a light luster to corrugated and solid fiber, and can significantly reduce liner porosity to improve sheet feeder and case erector performance.
Corrugated sheet feeder plants in Pulaski, Tennessee and Waco, Texas.
Also closing are corrugated sheet feeder plants at Pulaski, Tenn.
The printers are able to handle multi-page continuous forms with the paper feed system consisting of a push tractor for continuous forms and a manual single sheet feeder for individual documents.
3" and features a foldable, integrated sheet feeder that doubles as a cover for the printer.
It applies wallpaper or registered images, works with a single manual sheet feeder and foils sheets up to A4 in size at an approximate rate of 450 documents per hour.