sheet iron

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Noun1.sheet iron - plate iron thinner than tank iron
plate iron - a plate of iron
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Because, Professor, that beast is made of sheet iron.
Tenders are invited for Sheet Iron Cable Termination Box-Body With G.
purging sheet iron, jeans, a jewel-eyed alabaster goat.
The lantern, while understandably the worse for wear, is still a sturdylooking thing made of sheet iron and with a holder inside for a candle.
Sheet iron was being rolled at Pontypool by 1697, providing a more consistent and higher-quality product than sheets produced under the hammer.
I transferred this onto a flat piece of 14-gauge sheet iron, laying all these units into one long unit.
Orders for Ramadan lanterns made of sheet iron increased by 50%, compared to 30% last season
The heritage assessment said: "It represents an important survival of a late 18th century fireproof Liverpool warehouse, which has survived unaltered both internally and externally and contains a complete set of original features including sheet iron doors and shutters, cast iron columns and hoists at either end.
coals spilling out of the sheet iron bucket into the iron scuttle
Frank P Mee, who worked next door at Francis Browns sheet iron works as a young man, liked the scent.
The original hand, carved from wood, was lost to ruin by woodpeckers and weather, but the present, more durable hand, made of 24-gauge sheet iron and weighing 200 pounds, dates from 1901.
Constructed of sheet iron, the helmet, once decorated with gold leaf, is the only one to have been found in Britain with its silver gilt plating intact and is also one of the earliest ever found in Britain, the Daily Mail reports.