sheet piling

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Noun1.sheet piling - a pile in a row of piles driven side by side to retain earth or prevent seepage
piling, spile, stilt, pile - a column of wood or steel or concrete that is driven into the ground to provide support for a structure
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It's composed of a series of king piles -24-and 36-inch diameter steel pipe pile - and steel sheet piling. These pieces are welded together to create a two-tiered drive frame.
Ltd., approved a $115 million plan to expand hot rolled sheet piling production at its steel mill in Blytheville.
The sheet piling (a row of piles driven side by side to retain earth or prevent seepage) was in Virginia, cranes were in short supply, and needed manpower had to be brought in since there was virtually none available in New Orleans.
The line has proved versatile and useful in a number of applications, from installing interlocking vinyl sheet piling panels in a seawall to basic landscaping and excavating, according to the press release.
However, with sheet piling, the flow of groundwater was cut off and pore water pressure built up.
The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Project involves the refurbishment of 150 metres of badly corroded sheet piling at the Jebel Dhanna Wharf.
The GME and Emunds & Staudinger, GmbH (GME/ES) slide rail system has been made available in the North American and Mexican markets providing what is described as the world's only pivot-to-place slide rail system as an alternative to sheet piling. Contractors wishing to overcome congested worksite excavation difficulties are said to now have a safe alternative to sheet piling.