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1. See shelduck.
2. See merganser.

[Middle English shelddrake : scheld, variegated; see skel- in Indo-European roots + drake, drake.]
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n., pl. -drakes, (esp. collectively) -drake.
1. any of several Old World ducks of the genus Tadorna, certain species of which have highly variegated plumage.
2. any of various other ducks, esp. the merganser.
[1275–1325; Middle English sheldedrake]
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Noun1.sheldrake - large crested fish-eating diving duck having a slender hooked bill with serrated edgessheldrake - large crested fish-eating diving duck having a slender hooked bill with serrated edges
sea duck - any of various large diving ducks found along the seacoast: eider; scoter; merganser
genus Mergus, Mergus - mergansers
goosander, Mergus merganser - common merganser of Europe and North America
American merganser, Mergus merganser americanus - common North American diving duck considered a variety of the European goosander
Mergus serrator, red-breasted merganser - widely distributed merganser of America and Europe
Mergus albellus, smew - smallest merganser and most expert diver; found in northern Eurasia
hooded merganser, hooded sheldrake, Lophodytes cucullatus - small North American duck with a high circular crest on the male's head
2.sheldrake - Old World gooselike duck slightly larger than a mallard with variegated mostly black-and-white plumage and a red bill
duck - small wild or domesticated web-footed broad-billed swimming bird usually having a depressed body and short legs
genus Tadorna, Tadorna - sheldrakes
shelduck - female sheldrake
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collective noun dopping
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[ˈʃeldreɪk] N shelduck [ˈʃeldʌk] Ntadorna f
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nBrandente f
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There were geese, barrel-headed and black-backed, teal, widgeon, mallard, and sheldrake, with curlews, and here and there a flamingo.
For press enquiries please contact: Stephen Sheldrake: Senior Campaigns Officer for Worthing Theatres P: 01903 231 227 E: (
The bank maintains 12 full service branches in Sullivan and Orange County, New York, located in Anawana Lake Road/Monticello, Eldred, Callicoon, Jeffersonville, Liberty, Livingston Manor, Loch Sheldrake, Monticello, Narrowsburg, Port Jervis, White Lake and Wurtsboro.
Mr Drewitt was assisted by Phil Sheldrake, RSPB Conservation Officer, while the birds of prey weighed in at between 700-900 grams.
Jordan Cook, of Sheldrake Place, is said to have tried to "instigate and incite John Bates to use accelerant" Cook "had provided to set fire to the home address" of his sister, Jemma Cook.
Holster predicts a revolution that will overtake Establishment Science and describes the ideas of independent scientists such as Rupert Sheldrake. He also proposes a new journal publication system.
At the Phnom Penh launch, Paul Sheldrake, the CEO of Dairy Farm International in Indochina, said the presence of Giant in Cambodia would offer a new experience and range of choices to Cambodians.
In order to sort out the particulars of making these wines, I spoke with three experienced Finger Lakes winemakers: Steve DiFrancesco, who makes wine at both Glenora Wine Cellars on Seneca Lake and Knapp Winery on Cayuga Lake; Sayre Fulkerson, owner of Fulkerson Winery (Seneca Lake); and Dave Breeden of Sheldrake Point Winery (Cayuga Lake).
Coun Gareth Moore (Cons, Erdington) said: "Why are people who are renting being discriminated against and not having parking provided?" But planning officer Lesley Sheldrake replied that many people living in the city centre don't have a car because of transport networks.
The third was attacked at an address a mile away, in Sheldrake Place, at 3.30am.
3Q * 2P * M Banks, Kate, and Rupert Sheldrake. Boy's Best Friend.