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Any of various large waterfowl of the genus Tadorna of the Eastern Hemisphere, especially the Eurasian species T. tadorna, having black, white, and brownish-red plumage. Also called sheldrake.




or masculine


n, pl -ducks, -duck, -drakes or -drake
(Animals) any of various large usually brightly coloured gooselike ducks, such as Tadorna tadorna (common shelduck), of the Old World
[C14 shel, probably from dialect sheld pied; related to Middle Dutch schillede variegated]



n., pl. -drakes, (esp. collectively) -drake.
1. any of several Old World ducks of the genus Tadorna, certain species of which have highly variegated plumage.
2. any of various other ducks, esp. the merganser.
[1275–1325; Middle English sheldedrake]
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Noun1.shelduck - female sheldrakeshelduck - female sheldrake      
sheldrake - Old World gooselike duck slightly larger than a mallard with variegated mostly black-and-white plumage and a red bill


[ˈʃɛlˌdʌk] nvolpoca (femmina)
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I counted black headed gull, herring gull, greater black backed gull, lesser black backed gull, Axmouth Seaton heron, mute swan, greenshank, redshank, lapwing, grey plover, avocet, curlew, cormorant, shag, shelduck, long-tailed duck, dunlin, teal, bar-tailed godwit, black-tailed godwit, turnstone, oystercatcher, red breasted merganser, great crested grebe, slavonian grebe, wigeon, brent goose and peregrine.
9- A large variety of bird species live in Ashtum Al Gamil, some of which are endangered, such as the Wild and Zarkany Ducks, Shelduck, Sultan chicken, Barbary dove and many more.
Summary: Scientists have tracked the ruddy shelduck to 6,800 metres, making it the first duck known to fly at extreme high altitudes
The discovery, which makes the ruddy shelduck the highest known flying duck, was made using satellite data collected from 15 of the birds by researchers from the University of Exeter.
A ruddy shelduck flew at 22,000ft in the Himalayas, a record for a duck, UK researchers using satellite data found.
They also showed that the ruddy shelduck has a faster climb rate than the bar-headed goose - the only waterfowl known to fly even higher.
Since then, additional HPAI A(H5N8) cases were observed in a common shelduck (Tadorna tadorna) and in a mute swan (Cygnus olor) and in birds on 6 commercial turkey farms, 1 layer farm, and 3 backyard flocks (Table 1; Figure 1).
EA is now working with Sabic UK and INOVYN ChlorVinyls, who have provided land for around 30 hectares of extra wildlife habitat - an area popular with seals and birds including shelduck, knot and redshank.
Its a popular area frequented by seals, and a variety of bird species including shelduck, knot and redshank.
GaraetTimerganine has hosted up to 21 species during the study period among which some are protected (The Ferruginous Duck, Ruddy of Belon, the Ruddy Shelduck, the White-headed Duck and marbled Duck).
Some of the people visiting the lakes scattered bread for black cormorant, mallard, ruddy shelduck and other species of birds.
The common shelduck was first seen in Candaba this season, Lu said.