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Adj.1.shelflike - resembling a shelf (or considered to resemble a shelf); "shelflike table"
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Worrisome cholangiographic features include stricture length greater than 14 mm, irregularity, abrupt shelflike borders, intraductal nodularity, and simultaneous common bile duct and pancreatic duct dilation (double duct sign).
Vaguely resembling an Anthony Caro sculpture of the 1960s, Clements's piece turned a formal construct into something functional: A slide projector placed on one shelflike surface projected a sequential history of Moon's paintings from 1964 through 1968, rephotographed from existing reproductions, on an opposite flat face.
Incidentally, as mitochondria become "sick"--such as having their chemical pathways poisoned by toxic metals --they swell with increasing calcium concentration, disrupting their shelflike cristae fold structures, dramatically interrupting the electron transport chain.
While benign strictures typically have a smooth contour and tapered margins (Figures 11 and 12), malignant strictures have a more irregular contour and abrupt, shelflike margins, often associated with mucosal nodularity and ulceration (Figure 13).