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No, no; it was no stroke that would let a man stand on his legs, like a horse between the shafts, and then walk off as soon as you can say "Gee!" But there might be such a thing as a man's soul being loose from his body, and going out and in, like a bird out of its nest and back; and that was how folks got over-wise, for they went to school in this shell-less state to those who could teach them more than their neighbours could learn with their five senses and the parson.
After millions of years of disinterested, shell-less floating and
The performances of laying hens including hen-day egg production, defective eggs (misshapen eggs, grosscracked, broken, softshell and shell-less eggs, excessively small or large eggs) and the number of dead birds were recorded by cage daily.
In the study, the team used a unique platform it created -- a shell-less avian embryo -- to visualize the growth and spread of cancer cells in real time.
But he's shell-less. He's a turtle without a shell.
In short, productive performance including hen-day egg production, egg weight, egg mass, and broken and shell-less egg production rate was recorded daily.
A video uploaded on YouTube by Wondering Channel Animal Fights on May 25 illustrated the step-by-step process, called shell-less culturing, an in-vitro fertilization method for chickens and ducks.
Newborn, free-swimming, microscopic, shell-less, eyed larvae are quickly placed in a special warm tank in the hatchery to set on calcium carbonate or shell fragments that are crushed up primarily from surf clams.