shell pink

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shell pink

A pinkish white to strong yellowish pink, including grayish and light yellowish pinks.

shell′-pink′ adj.

shell′ pink′

delicate whitish to yellow pink.
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There is an apparent triviality in the action with the scissors, but your discernment perceives at once that there is a design in it which makes it eminently worthy of a large-headed, long-limbed young man; for you see that Lucy wants the scissors, and is compelled, reluctant as she may be, to shake her ringlets back, raise her soft hazel eyes, smile playfully down on the face that is so very nearly on a level with her knee, and holding out her little shell-pink palm, to say,--
LAID BACK: Bermuda's Flatts Inlet, where luminous turquoise waters lap shell-pink sand beaches; frangipani perfumes the air, and pastel coloured houses snuggle behind winding hedgerow-bordered roads.
The fragrant blooms are fully two inches across and the softest shell-pink colour with some yellowing at the throat.
Backstage, Craig also showed off his own leading lady, actress wife Rachel Weisz, elegant in a shell-pink figurehugging dress.
In wedhneumi, the bark of a palm tree emerged from a piece of yellowish paper on a wall, its shell-pink contours recalling the ruffled skirts of a soiled petticoat.
Attendants wore shell-pink strapless flare supreme satin gowns featuring crisscrossed gathered bodices that softly gathered at the waists.
Edged in pretty London Pride, you can see white goat's rue, silvery wormwood, tiny-flowered vervain, perennial borage, shell-pink marshmallow and white marjoram.
But a true gardener will welcome the gift of the sweetheart rose, Rosa 'Cecile Brunner', with its shell-pink blooms and heady fragrance.
But a true gardener will welcome the gift of the sweetheart rose, Rosa `Cecile Brunner', with its shell-pink blooms and heady fragrance.
He is full of interesting apercus about people and styles: John Summerson's monograph on John Nash of 1935 "signalled a revival of interest in the informal planning of the Regency', while 'Smart London hostesses picked tip the fashion for Modernism', as in Oliver Hill's Gayfere House, Westminster, for Lord Mount Temple, Ramsay McDonald's Minister of Transport, whose wife commissioned the decor of the entrance hall with its laminated shell-pink myrtle wood and its peach-coloured mirror on the ceiling.
com or 0800 0288 266)Left to right: Jessica cushion, pounds 30, Virginia chocolate, pounds 30, Angela shell-pink, pounds 25, Leila long, pounds 45, Lucy cream, pounds 20, Lucille pink tasselled, pounds 35, Arletta floral, pounds 25, Laura Ashley (www.