sheltered workshop

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shel·tered workshop

A workplace that provides a supportive environment where physically or mentally challenged persons can acquire job skills and vocational experience.
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Noun1.sheltered workshop - a workshop that offers jobs to members of the physically or developmentally disabled population
workshop, shop - small workplace where handcrafts or manufacturing are done
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Rice co-founded Alternatives 37 years ago, he offered people with disabilities the opportunity to trade life in an institution - the main mode of care until the 1970s - for group homes and jobs in a sheltered workshop.
My son David worked at a sheltered workshop in Torrington Avenue and was so proud of his small wage, which gave him something to live for.
The studies also found that IPS clients tend to earn higher wages and are generally more satisfied with their jobs than those participating in traditional day treatment programs or sheltered workshop settings.
Vernon has worked in the Sheltered Workshop and Bloch/ New England until 1997.
The first assignment is a Consumer Interview in which students are required to interview two individuals with disabilities (one individual working in a real job in the community and one individual attending a sheltered workshop) and summarize the similarities and differences in the interviewee's lives based on issues discussed in class and related readings.
In some cases, the disability was obvious because the client was interviewed at a halfway house or sheltered workshop. Inclusion of clients with substance abuse disabilities allowed the researchers to determine if the instruments selected to detect substance abuse were accurately identifying those already known to have problems with alcohol or other drugs.
To expose the participants to Americans with disabilities and to teach them about community resources, we visited an independent living center, a sheltered workshop, and a Special Olympics event.
STILL going strong after 25 years - that's the proud boast of a Nuneaton firm originally set up in the town as a sheltered workshop for the disabled.
Of the individuals no longer working, two left the area and one had returned to the sheltered workshop that initiated the job placement.
Pat Ingram and Andrew Dobbin, who pack fan-belts and golf balls at a sheltered workshop in Canley, could hardly believe it .