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 (shə-mäg′, shmäg)

[Colloquial Arabic šimāġ, probably from Turkish yaşmak, yaşmağ-, yashmak; see yashmak.]
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Images of the snowman - adorned with a red-chequered shemagh - flooded social media with Umm Al Quwain starting to trend on Twitter.
When Natalie was ready to give her presentation, we both noticed several people wearing completely white shirts and white pants, a departure from the Abayas that the women were wearing or the Shemagh (head covering for males).
"Thinking of those moments I compromised myself in fear of being alone," she captioned the video, in which she can be seen wearing a traditional shemagh headpiece wrapped around her head.
Translation: Images show police officer while tying shemagh for the young protester against income tax bill on the Fourth Circle.
Among its different Arabic names are the ghutrah, shemagh and hattah.
It is almost always of white cotton but many have a checkered pattern in red, stitched into them, which is most desired in Bahrain and is made of a thicker cloth called a shemagh.
He speaks English fluently, dresses like one, has tried his hand at rugby in the USA, but alas doesn't play cricket, (possibly preferring wrestling).Neither does he flaunt a shemagh as a head dress like his King does.
I noticed movement through the fabric of my tan shemagh, and pulled back the veil.
The broadcaster who read the announcement of his death wearing a dark robe and traditional shemagh head covering Abdullah Al Shihri said on Twitter it had pained him to break the news.
Abdullah's shrouded body was borne on a simple litter by members of the royal family wearing traditional red-and-white checked shemagh head gear.