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Variant of shard.


a variant of shard



also sherd

1. a fragment, esp. of broken earthenware.
2. Zool.
a. a scale.
b. a shell, as of an egg or snail.
c. the hardened forewing of a beetle; elytron.
[before 1000; Middle English; Old English sceard, c. Old Frisian skerd, Middle High German scharte, Old Norse skarth; akin to shear]
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Noun1.sherd - a broken piece of a brittle artifactsherd - a broken piece of a brittle artifact
piece - a separate part of a whole; "an important piece of the evidence"
potsherd - a shard of pottery
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In the plain type sherds with incised circles, leaf pattern, curved lines six-pointed star incised in double lines are prominent', the report states.
The surface finds from Dillu Roy included a wide range of pottery, painted stamps, incised and sherds with applique' decoration.
Other finds from this room are sherds of faience bowls, most likely Egyptian, a spindle whorl, and a Base Ring bull (part of a kernos).
A small proportion of the sherds was collected from the uppermost layer along with finds from the Iron Age and historical era.
This is followed by a catalogue of significant sherds and outline drawings of fragments of glass vessels from Pengkalan Bujang in Kedah by Daniel Perret and Zulkifli Jaafar where almost 6,000 sherds have been recovered.
Sherds of History: Domestic Life in Colonial Guadeloupe.
Sarah Newstead, for example, shows that Portuguese redware constituted 13-24% of all pottery sherds found at sites of English occupation in Newfoundland, with higher percentages at sites of seasonal occupation and lower at sites of colonial settlement.
These pits--much like most of the upper layers in the site--were mixed deposits of late Persian/Hellenistic remains as well as occasional 13th century CE sherds.
This paper presents the chemical composition of 26 celadon glazes from sherds recovered during archaeological excavations at Chinese gold mining sites in southeast New South Wales (NSW), Australia.
Thus, to take a UAE example, while he refers to the presence of Ubaid 4 sherds on Dalma (p.