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A form of therapeutic massage in which pressure is applied with the thumbs and palms to those areas of the body used in acupuncture. Also called acupressure.

[Short for Japanese shiatsuryōhō : shi, finger + atsu-, pressure + ryōhō, treatment.]




(Complementary Medicine) massage in which pressure is applied to the same points of the body as in acupuncture. Also called: acupressure
[Japanese, from Chinese chĭ finger + pressure]


or shi•at•zu

(ʃiˈɑt su)

n. (sometimes cap.)
a Japanese massage technique that includes the use of acupressure.
[1965–70; < Japanese < Middle Chinese, = Chinese chǐ finger + pressure]
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Noun1.shiatsu - treatment of symptoms by applying pressure with the fingers to specific pressure points on the bodyshiatsu - treatment of symptoms by applying pressure with the fingers to specific pressure points on the body
treatment, intervention - care provided to improve a situation (especially medical procedures or applications that are intended to relieve illness or injury)
Cathay, China, Communist China, mainland China, People's Republic of China, PRC, Red China - a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia; the most populous country in the world
Nihon, Nippon, Japan - a constitutional monarchy occupying the Japanese Archipelago; a world leader in electronics and automobile manufacture and ship building


[ʃiːˈætsuː] Nshiatsu m, digitopuntura f


[ʃiːˈætsuː] nshiatsu m


nShiatsu nt


n. técnica oriental de acupuntura, masaje del cuerpo con presión de los dedos y la palma de las manos para liberar la energía.
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Those who are less active can take advantage of a wide range of expert advice on topics such as: healthy eating, stress management, aromatherapy, reflexology, shiatzu, Tai Chi and so on.
In the year 2005, when she was about 21 years old, she heard a broadcast about a free Shiatzu Massage training for the blind sponsored by the Bicol Small Business Institute Foundation, Inc.
Like many shoppers, I used to have fun going to a Sharper Image store, playing with the gizmos, changing the controls on the massage chairs from Swedish to Shiatzu and back again.