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(ˈʃiːˈtsuː) or


(Breeds) a small dog of a breed derived from crossing the Pekingese and the Tibetan apso. It has a long straight dense coat and carries its tail curled over its back
[from Chinese, literally: lion]
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Noun1.shih-tzu - a Chinese breed of small dog similar to a PekingeseShih-Tzu - a Chinese breed of small dog similar to a Pekingese
toy dog, toy - any of several breeds of very small dogs kept purely as pets
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'The Groomers' takes place in a pet salon where Shih-Tzus receive dye jobs.
Vets said the surge in popularity of flat-faced breeds, bulldogs and shih-tzus had "increased animal suffering".
Over the last decade, the RSPCA said the demand for "designer" cross-breed dogs and "handbag" dogs has soared - particularly for breeds such as French bulldogs, Pomeranians, shih-tzus, Yorkshire terriers, and pugs.
The dad had been at the park with four other adults and five kids - a baby boy aged one and four other children aged five, eight, nine and 10 - as well as five dogs, two shih-tzus, a Jack Russell, a whippet and a sprocker spaniel.
Also in this episode, two shih-tzus are found in a house covered in empty dog food packets and dog mess.
In this show we meet RSPCA inspectors, like Herchy Boal (right), who treat abandoned pooches, including shih-tzus who are given a top-notch pampering session.
Alan Davies (right) introduces stories of RSPCA inspectors treating abandoned pooches, including shih-tzus given a pampering session.
The 62-year-old woman who kept the shih-tzus was later banned from keeping animals for life and given an eight-week suspended prison sentence, a two-month curfew order, and made to pay PS250 costs.
However, it seems they have been ousted from the hearts of the celebrity elite by socialites like Paris Hilton armed with purse-size puppies like chihuahuas and shih-tzus.
She breeds Japanese shih-tzus and King Charles spaniels at the kennels next to husband Thomas' Assemblies of God Pentecostal Church.
THERESA Fitzgerald's Reds fan shih-tzus Chewy and Owen are in shirts hailing Rafas Red Army and Stevie Grrr8