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 (shĭk′hə-rə) also shik·har (-hər)
A tall, often beehive-shaped superstructure set above the inner sanctum of a Hindu temple in northern Indian temple design.

[Sanskrit śikharaḥ, point, spire; akin to śikhā, topknot, point, of unknown origin.]
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The grabhgriha is squared and the shikhara (superstructure), which surmounts the sanctum, is also square.
But locals and archaeologists demanded that the temple should be rebuilt in the original Shikhara style as was built by Pratap Malla.
The Krishna Temple, which is constructed in Shikhara style (a tower like conical formation built of stone and decorated with carvings) and has 21 Gajurs (golden pinnacles) in the temple.
These were followed by a series of hollowed out shikhara forms, with the symbolic deity sitting at the base.
A visit inside the narrow and winding alleys of Poshina village could be a visual comfort and as we reach the other end towards the east and the river bank, the Shikhara of an old Shiva temple catches our attention.
Enjoy the complimentary breakfast and hop onto the shikhara or go paddleboating.
He indicated Rechord would have had to steal a lifeboat (called shikhara) to get away from the houseboat, which was anchored in the middle of the lake.
It rises from a vedibandha and has a jangha, varandika (set of mouldings separating the jangha from the shikhara) and shikhara (spire).
Some of the most prominent ones are Gelugpa Gompa, built in the Tibetan style, Daijokyo, which is a traditional Japanese temple, the pagoda-style Bhutanese monastery and the stately Mahabodhi Temple, with its towering shikhara and the peepal tree under which the Buddha attained Enlightenment.
Laterite fieldstone from a local quarry was used to construct the tower or shikhara. With such limited resources, the architect's key move was to make the most of the landscape through a clever reinterpretation of built form, substituting the traditional pillared hall in front, where people sit and pray, with a landscape glade or forest clearing.
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