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intr.v. shim·mered, shim·mer·ing, shim·mers
1. To shine with a subdued flickering light: Fireflies shimmered in the night sky.
2. To be reflected as a subdued, flickering light: The moon shimmered on the pond's surface.
A flickering or tremulous light; a glimmer.

[Middle English shimeren, from Old English scimerian.]

shim′mer·ing·ly adv.
shim′mer·y adj.
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[ˈʃɪmərɪŋ] ADJ shimmery [ˈʃɪmərɪ] ADJreluciente
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[ˈʃɪmərɪŋ] adj (gen) → luccicante, scintillante; (haze) → tremolante; (satin) → cangiante
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References in classic literature ?
Yet did it quiver under the finger-tip caress in rhythmic vibrations that became whisperings and rustlings and mutterings of sound--but of sound so different; so elusively thin that it was shimmeringly sibilant; so mellow that it was maddening sweet, piping like an elfin horn, which last was just what Bassett decided would be like a peal from some bell of the gods reaching earthward from across space.
It put Iceland on the world's musical map and provided the foundation for a remarkable and sublime genre of music that is avowedly experimental and shimmeringly beautiful.
With his one-of-a-kind wuxia epic, Hou has conjured the year's most shimmeringly beautiful enigma: Not just re-creating but reinhabiting a vision of ninth-century imperial China, it's the rare movie that exists both in and out of time.
Layla Claire, so perfect a Blanche in the recent Washington Dialogues des Carmelites, was a little less perfect here; but once past the hurdles of "No word from Tom" she offered as shimmeringly lovely and emotionally connected an Anne as I could ask for.
(In fact, a feature of the landscape at that time was the countless number of poems called "Poem"--a modest door sign which nevertheless hinted at something shimmeringly special just inside.) If their opacity later proved to be an intermediate stage rather than an endgame, that was not only the result of reading others of their kind.
It is a complex work, in which pink, blue and green vertical ribbons shimmeringly explore the unstable nature of colour itself.
Strauss's evergreen Der Rosenkavalier Suite, which completed the evening, may have been a German interloper, but it allowed the orchestra to loosen any lingering Baroque bounds and create a sound so vivid and shimmeringly intense it bordered (in a good way) on the distorted.
A name to grab the attention, but then again so does this shimmeringly melodic percussion rush indie trip into some far-off soundscape.
Her first half was all-Beethoven, with the lovely little E minor Sonata, urgency moving towards gentle lyricism, and the ubiquitous Moonlight, refreshed here by Uchida's otherwordly control over shimmeringly quiet dynamics and then a thunderous finale.
It is fragile, savage and shimmeringly beautiful, rendered in exquisite poetry and unforgettable theatrical images.