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intr.v. shim·mered, shim·mer·ing, shim·mers
1. To shine with a subdued flickering light: Fireflies shimmered in the night sky.
2. To be reflected as a subdued, flickering light: The moon shimmered on the pond's surface.
A flickering or tremulous light; a glimmer.

[Middle English shimeren, from Old English scimerian.]

shim′mer·ing·ly adv.
shim′mer·y adj.


[ˈʃɪmərɪŋ] ADJ shimmery [ˈʃɪmərɪ] ADJreluciente


[ˈʃɪmərɪŋ] adj (gen) → luccicante, scintillante; (haze) → tremolante; (satin) → cangiante
References in classic literature ?
Yet did it quiver under the finger-tip caress in rhythmic vibrations that became whisperings and rustlings and mutterings of sound--but of sound so different; so elusively thin that it was shimmeringly sibilant; so mellow that it was maddening sweet, piping like an elfin horn, which last was just what Bassett decided would be like a peal from some bell of the gods reaching earthward from across space.
With his one-of-a-kind wuxia epic, Hou has conjured the year's most shimmeringly beautiful enigma: Not just re-creating but reinhabiting a vision of ninth-century imperial China, it's the rare movie that exists both in and out of time.
In fact, a feature of the landscape at that time was the countless number of poems called "Poem"--a modest door sign which nevertheless hinted at something shimmeringly special just inside.
It is a complex work, in which pink, blue and green vertical ribbons shimmeringly explore the unstable nature of colour itself.
Strauss's evergreen Der Rosenkavalier Suite, which completed the evening, may have been a German interloper, but it allowed the orchestra to loosen any lingering Baroque bounds and create a sound so vivid and shimmeringly intense it bordered (in a good way) on the distorted.
A name to grab the attention, but then again so does this shimmeringly melodic percussion rush indie trip into some far-off soundscape.
Her first half was all-Beethoven, with the lovely little E minor Sonata, urgency moving towards gentle lyricism, and the ubiquitous Moonlight, refreshed here by Uchida's otherwordly control over shimmeringly quiet dynamics and then a thunderous finale.
It is fragile, savage and shimmeringly beautiful, rendered in exquisite poetry and unforgettable theatrical images.
FRANKMUSIK: Complete Me Verdict: HHHHI SOUTH Londoner Vincent Frank offers a shimmeringly seductive selection of 80s-infused, synthdriven pop in this promising debut album.
LONDONER Vincent Frank offers up a shimmeringly seductive selection of 80s-infused, synth-driven pop in a promising debut.