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shin·gle 1

1. A thin oblong piece of material, such as wood or slate, that is laid in overlapping rows to cover the roof or sides of a house or other building.
2. Informal A small signboard, as one indicating a professional office: After passing the bar exam, she hung out her shingle.
3. A woman's close-cropped haircut. shin·gled, shin·gling, shin·gles
1. To cover (a roof or building) with shingles.
2. To cut (hair) short and close to the head.

[Middle English, from Old English scindel, scingal, from Late Latin scindula, alteration of Latin scandula (influenced by scindere, to split).]

shin′gler n.

shin·gle 2

1. Beach gravel consisting of large smooth pebbles.
2. A stretch of shore or beach covered with such gravel.

[Middle English.]

shin′gly adj.
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Noun1.shingler - a worker who shingles roofs
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
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