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shin·gle 1

1. A thin oblong piece of material, such as wood or slate, that is laid in overlapping rows to cover the roof or sides of a house or other building.
2. Informal A small signboard, as one indicating a professional office: After passing the bar exam, she hung out her shingle.
3. A woman's close-cropped haircut. shin·gled, shin·gling, shin·gles
1. To cover (a roof or building) with shingles.
2. To cut (hair) short and close to the head.

[Middle English, from Old English scindel, scingal, from Late Latin scindula, alteration of Latin scandula (influenced by scindere, to split).]

shin′gler n.

shin·gle 2

1. Beach gravel consisting of large smooth pebbles.
2. A stretch of shore or beach covered with such gravel.

[Middle English.]

shin′gly adj.
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Noun1.shingler - a worker who shingles roofs
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
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It was a long-handled tomahawk, the head of it an ordinary shingler's hatchet, the haft of it, native-made, a black and polished piece of hard wood, inlaid in rude designs with mother-of-pearl and wrapped with coconut sennit to make a hand grip.
Sixteen young people from across Shropshire were invited to attend the event at Shingler Home's site in Hanwood.
MAYBE Grand Slam euphoria blurs the memory, but this time a year ago Aaron Shingler's star could not have been much higher in the sky.
STEVEN Shingler has landed a deal for next season with Ealing Trailfinders just weeks after leaving the Arms Park to head to France.
Tony Heath, again Beta mounted, aced the Clubman A course recording a clear win over Trevor Shingler and Simon Slater.
Nick Shingler, creator of The Cov Kids cartoons, has launched a Coventry Christmas card -- and he's pledged 10 per cent from the sale of every card to be donated toZoe's Place Baby Hospice.
Fly-half Steven Shingler kicked five conversions while his replacement Ben Jones added another in the final quarter.
"Serving these communities by keeping houses and businesses sparkling clean and healthy is very important to us," says owner, Tricia Shingler. "We love to clean, and want to do what we do best so our customers will have more time to run their households and their businesses."
The ball was weighted perfectly for Harries to run on to and score, outside-half Steven Shingler successfully converting to halve the deficit to seven points at the end of a disjointed first half.
AARON SHINGLER looks set to miss Wales' autumn Tests after undergoing knee surgery.
FLANKER Aaron Shingler and wing Ashton Hewitt will miss Wales' summer Tests against South Africa and Argentina.
20 FINN RUSSELL said he felt sorry for Blues ace Steve Shingler after he let the Warriors out of jail.