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Noun1.ship's boat - a boat for communication between ship and shoreship's boat - a boat for communication between ship and shore
boat - a small vessel for travel on water
gig - tender that is a light ship's boat; often for personal use of captain
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It was a race of two ship's boats matched against Death for a prize of nine men's lives, and Death had a long start.
About eight o'clock in the morning we discovered the ship's boats by the help of our perspective glasses, and found there were two of them, both thronged with people, and deep in the water.
Here two of his men were awaiting him in one of the ship's boats, and without words they embarked and pulled for the vessel.
Toward the day's close the girl was suddenly alarmed by the shouting of the Russian from the opposite bank of the stream, and a moment later, following the direction of his gaze, she was terrified to see a ship's boat approaching from up-stream, in which, she felt assured, there could be only members of the Kincaid's missing crew--only heartless ruffians and enemies.
I had come from Nukuheva by water in the ship's boat, and when we entered the bay of Tior it was high noon.
I told him I desired no other; and he answered that the ship's boat would go up to London the next tide, and he would order my letter to be carried.
Now I wished for my boy Xury, and the long-boat with shoulder-of- mutton sail, with which I sailed above a thousand miles on the coast of Africa; but this was in vain: then I thought I would go and look at our ship's boat, which, as I have said, was blown up upon the shore a great way, in the storm, when we were first cast away.
I kept my eyes on him, and so when the voice outside the door announced, "There's a ship's boat coming our way, sir," I saw him give a start--the first movement he had made for hours.
Several days later a body and one of the ship's boats were washed ashore near Tynemouth.