ship's galley

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Noun1.ship's galley - the area for food preparation on a ship
cuddy - the galley or pantry of a small ship
kitchen - a room equipped for preparing meals
ship - a vessel that carries passengers or freight
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A draggled muslin cap on his head and a dirty gunny-sack about his slim hips proclaimed him cook of the decidedly dirty ship's galley in which I found myself.
Jun 22-Jul 22 CANCER TRY changing your perspective on life - for example, the sinking of the Titanic wasn't all bad if you were a lobster in the ship's galley.
Taking a tour of the ship's galley halfway through the cruise with Monsieur Foussier brought home to me the Silversea difference as I watched his staff lovingly creating individual dishes.
And will they scale in such a way that the artists in the ship's galley are satisfied with their cut of the pie?
While not severely damaged, the Allied ships had mauled the German vessel and destroyed its ship's galley and food provisions, with Langsdorff also left concussed by shellfire.
The Provisions Branch removes that burden, and allows shipboard personnel to concentrate on the day-to-day operation of the ship's galley.
Nearly as startling as everything that has gone before is this static portrait of a bearish guy sitting in the ship's galley with a TV (evidence suggests he is watching the Discovery Channel's long-running deep-sea-fishing reality show Deadliest Catch) and a big jar of Hellmann's mayonnaise--the sequence is the length of a Warhol Screen Test.
Nine carefully preserved treasures include a six-pound cannon ball, pewter plate from the ship's galley, flake of gold likely plundered by the pirates, clay pipe fragment, iron spike and three straight pins.
Pilot cutter Edmund Gardner, with volunteers on deckPictures: ANDREW TEEBAY/ at020811 aedmund-1 The ship's keeper, Eamonn Farrell, at the stern of the ship Code: at020811aedmund-4 The Edmund Gardner at work on the River Mersey Code: at020811aedmund-2 The ship's galley
Then we'll do a cold buffet in the evening as well, because of the work schedule and the ship's programme as well," Petty Officer Caterer 'Arthur' Daley told Gulf News from the ship's galley.
Local landscape garden company Abbey Landscaping built a counter shaped like a ship's galley and carried out other joinery work in the shop for free and plumber Ian Treddenick also leant a hand.
The ship's galley obviously didn't burn out of control; that's implied by plopping the period symbol at the end of the entry, and by not saying "OMG.