ship off

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w>ship off

vt sepversenden; coal, grain etcverfrachten; (esp by ship) → verschiffen; they shipped their sons off to boarding schoolsie steckten ihre Söhne ins Internat (inf)
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But I snatched up a long pole and kept the ship off, making signs to my men by nodding my head, that they must row for their lives, whereon they laid out with a will.
That is plain speaking," said Sancho; "but let your worship take care to choose it on the seacoast, so that if I don't like the life, I may be able to ship off my black vassals and deal with them as I have said; don't mind going to see my lady Dulcinea now, but go and kill this giant and let us finish off this business; for by God it strikes me it will be one of great honour and great profit.
Clifford, known for discovering a pirate ship off Cape Cod in 1984, said he has met with Haitian government officials to preserve the site so a full archaeological exploration can be conducted.
Specialist teams are being flown to Madagascar to try to stop a stricken ship off the country's north coast from leaking crude oil.
July 24 (Saba)- Minister of Transport Waed Batheeb and Hardramout Governor Khaled al-Dini chaired a meeting Wednesday, to discuss a technical report on the stranding accident of the Champion 1 ship off coasts of Mukala.
Panaji: Indian Coast Guard is looking out for containers that might be driven towards the Goa-Konkan coast after falling off from a wrecked ship off Goa coast.
Pirates attacked a container ship off the coast of Nigeria and kidnapped five crew members on April 25 while pirates kidnapped four crew members of a different ship on April 24.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Pirates kidnapped five crew members from a cargo ship off Nigeria, a piracy watchdog and a security source said on Monday.
The USNS Rappahannock reportedly fired on a ship off the UAE coast
A FERRY travelling from Merseyside collided with a cargo ship off the coast of Belfast.
But coastguards fear turbulent seas could push the ship off its perch, bursting fuel tanks and causing half a million gallons of oil to spill into the sea off the island of Giglio.
Organizers posted on their website co-ordinates putting the ship off the Egyptian coast and said four Israeli warships had begun to follow them.