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Noun1.ship-breaker - a contractor who buys old ships and breaks them up for scrap
contractor - someone (a person or firm) who contracts to build things
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It matters not what stranded ships repairing in dry docks I lost myself among, what old hulls of ships in course of being knocked to pieces, what ooze and slime and other dregs of tide, what yards of ship-builders and ship-breakers, what rusty anchors blindly biting into the ground though for years off duty, what mountainous country of accumulated casks and timber, how many rope-walks that were not the Old Green Copper.
On Quilp's Wharf, Daniel Quilp was a ship-breaker, yet to judge from these appearances he must either have been a ship-breaker on a very small scale, or have broken his ships up very small indeed.
Sales tax from steel melters and re-rollers is collected on the basis of electricity consumption whereas ship-breakers are paying sales tax on the basis of LDT of ships imported for breaking.
He formed high-powered committee comprising member FBR and FPCCI nominees to hammer out problems of ship-breakers and steel rerolling mills while notices issued to them have been withdrawn.
Hughes-Bolckow remained in business as ship-breakers until as recently as the 1980s.
Before anything happens, the trust must raise pounds 400,000 in three months to cancel the warship's sale to Turkish ship-breakers and pay off six years' berthing fees to Peel Ports.
After 32 years of service, the cruiser was "reduced to disposal" in preparation for sale and destruction by the ship-breakers.
Bangladesh's ship-breaking industry was the world's largest by tonnage in 2009 until the environmental groups' legal campaign shut down the sector, said Anam Chowdhury, a senior official at Bangladesh's ship-breakers association.
The chairman of the Pakistan Ship-Breakers Association, Deewan Rizwan Farooqui, said that ship-breaking activities at Gadani had slowed down as the market demand for scrap had shrunk.
That mammoth, stubborn wood chip freighter that defied demolition experts and ship-breakers and salvage companies for the better part of a decade?
This demented masterpiece of outcrops, shoals, foaming reefs, and other lurking ship-breakers was created by societies of minute animals that have changed the aspect of our planet far more than man has yet been able to do.
And in any case Krishna said "cash-buyers" often acquire ships before selling them to the ship-breakers in south Asia.

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