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Wooden siding rabbeted so that the edge of one board overlaps the one next to it in a flush joint.

ship′lapped′ adj.


(ˈʃɪpˌlæp) or


a wooden board that has been rabbeted so that the edges of each board overlap the edges of adjacent boards to create a flush and stable joint



1. an overlapping joint, as a rabbet, between two boards joined edge to edge.
2. boarding joined with such overlapping joints.
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For example, Joanna and Chip Gaines popularized shiplap on their HGTV show "Fixer Upper."
description of the procurement: Cold rooms and small refrigeration technology: - 300 m 2 waterproofing and wall and floor insulation for conventional cold storage, - 150 m 2 system partition walls and ceiling elements in sandwich construction with shiplap, - 170 m 2 wall pre-treatment, Wall plaster and wall tiles, - 11 refrigerated and freezer compartment doors for installation in masonry or system partition walls, - 9 deep recessed sleeper plates for the professional processing of the seal at the floor passages in the door openings (corridors to cold storage rooms), - 400 m refrigeration piping including condensate line, - 230 m cold insulation of pipelines for defrost water and energy saving, - 3 st.
The interior features several rooms with the original shiplap paneling, guaranteed to warm the hearts of Chip and Joanna Gaines and other old-home lovers.
* Shiplap and reclaimed wood walls seem to have saturated the market.
Her use of locally reclaimed wood for the beams and shiplap walls bring a rustic and comfortable feel to the home, while soothing neutrals and crisp, white decor makes it cheerful and inviting.
Named for its 19th-century former owner, the recently restored bed-and-breakfast--which includes a historic water tower and a cabin with Dutch doors--got a makeover that stripped away the doilies and updated the interiors with white shiplap walls, patinated wood floors, and furnishings fit for city-slicker visitors.
Combine a matte black faucet, such as Moen's Align spring kitchen faucet, with a shiplap backsplash in your kitchen, or mix wood floors with an industrial-inspired dining set to achieve a chic, unfinished vibe popular in Nordic countries.
"We used 50-year-old white oak flooring along with a lot of shiplap, board and batten, and North Mississippi pine on ceilings," says Barry.
It was constructed with siding composed of connected cartwheels, V-cut type planks, shiplap paneling, louver boards, with a steep, cone-shaped roof topped with a cross.
But over months and months of watching Fixer Upper with my girlfriend, laughing about the ubiquity of shiplap and mud rooms, about unrealistic budgets or Central Texas accents, I came to really like the show.
He replaced expanses of drywall with shiplap and V-groove panelling.