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1. A sailor.
2. A shipmaster.
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I bought it for two rose nobles from a shipman who came from the Levant.
TWO doctors failed to report Dr Harold Shipman after a patient he tried to kill with a morphine overdose came into their care, it was said yesterday.
A JURY yesterday decided mass murderer Harold Shipman killed himself to avoid spending the rest of his life in prison and to help his wife financially.
Shipman had told fellow inmates in the days before his death that Mr Marshall had been 'bullying' him and had celebrated after his privileges were cut.
A PHARMACIST who gave out large amounts of morphine used by killer doctor Harold Shipman to murder his victims will keep her job and escape disciplinary action.
Relatives of patients killed by mass murderer Harold Shipman reacted with anger last night after it emerged jewellery he may have stolen during his killing spree could be given to his wife.
WEDDING rings belonging to the victims of Dr Harold Shipman may be given to the serial killer's wife, police said today.
Dame Janet Smith looked into 137 deaths and concluded that Shipman unlawfully killed three men in April and May 1972.
Shipman ( convicted of killing 15 patients while in general practice ( is believed to have begun his mass murder spree while at Pontefract General Infirmary, West Yorkshire, between 1970 and 1974.
Relatives of some of Shipman's victims were said today to be "deeply uncomfortable" with the prospect of 54-year-old Mrs Shipman receiving the money.
Killer doctor Harold Shipman chatted to his wife on the phone just hours before he was found dead in his prison cell.