shirt front

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shirt′ front`

or shirt′front`,

1. the front of a shirt, esp. the part exposed when a jacket or vest is worn.

shirt front

References in classic literature ?
He had unfastened his collar and a good bit of his flannel shirt front.
As my dazed faculties cleared I observed that the body was in evening dress; the overcoat thrown wide open revealed the dress-coat, the white tie, the broad expanse of shirt front pierced by the sword.
Wingrave was lying a few yards off, with a small red stain upon his shirt front.
Korsunky bowed, set straight his open shirt front, and gave her his arm to conduct her to Anna Arkadyevna.
cried Ida, burrowing her towsy golden hair into her father's shirt front, while Clara pressed her cheek against his whisker.
Mr Lammle, who had found his chest effective on a variety of occasions, manoeuvred his capacious shirt front into the largest demonstration possible, and then smiling retorted on his wife, thus:
First, the official one: sponsors Ramsdens gave up their shirt front prime advertising space to Butterwick and Teesside Hospices.
Caption: Figure 1B (above): Color illustration of shirt front by the author.
Another Hong Kong celebrity who needed 'a quick costume change' requested a dickey or false shirt front that Justin said 'looked like a real shirt with buttons but didn't open.
Teaming her cloak with a long white shirt front and killer heels, the new host of TV series America's Next Top Model was out on Friday evening with friends at celeb haunt Catch LA.
In the lead up to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Qantas will switch out the grey cotton long sleeve pyjamas for a patriotic green and gold set featuring a gold kangaroo on the shirt front and hashtag #RoadToRio on the back.
In the field of fashion, then and now, Filipino men like the guayabera of Mexico, most likely because, unlike the barong Tagalog, it has pockets on the shirt front.