or shirt′sleeve`, also shirt′-sleeved`, shirt′-sleeves`,

1. not wearing a jacket; informally dressed.
2. warm enough to not require a jacket or coat: shirt-sleeve weather.
3. direct and straightforward in approach, manner, etc.: shirt-sleeve diplomacy.
4. doing the actual work: a shirt-sleeve editor.
References in classic literature ?
David had taken off his blouse and rolled up his shirt-sleeves, and his teeth were set, so I knew he would begin by sending me down some fast ones.
Clapp, who was in his shirt-sleeves, trimming the garden-plot, shrank back alarmed.
Clapp in his shirt-sleeves, watering his rose-bushes.
Of all youth's passions and pleasures, this is the most common and least alloyed; and every flash of Alan's black eyes; every aspect of his curly head; every graceful reach, every easy, stand-off attitude of waiting; ay, and down to his shirt-sleeves and wrist-links, were seen by John through a luxurious glory.
The cows jumped wildly over the five-barred barton-gate, maddened by the gad-fly; Dairyman Crick kept his shirt-sleeves permanently rolled up from Monday to Saturday; open windows had no effect in ventilation without open doors, and in the dairy-garden the blackbirds and thrushes crept about under the currant-bushes, rather in the manner of quadrupeds than of winged creatures.
Most of the hay was cut, but the last week had been very unfavourable; and now that fine weather was come at last, being determined to make the most of it, I had gathered all hands together into the hay-field, and was working away myself, in the midst of them, in my shirt-sleeves, with a light, shady straw hat on my head, catching up armfuls of moist, reeking grass, and shaking it out to the four winds of heaven, at the head of a goodly file of servants and hirelings - intending so to labour, from morning till night, with as much zeal and assiduity as I could look for from any of them, as well to prosper the work by my own exertion as to animate the workers by my example - when lo!
They are designed for what he called a "shirt-sleeve" environment.
A pristine shirt-sleeve may have taken the place of the cuff of a beloved leather flying jacket in the meantime, but the fast-action kick remains.
The new initiative, set-up by the Hammers' shirt-sleeve sponsors Basset & Gold, is part of a community-driven scheme that will see the east London side host games before the first-team play Premier League matches in Stratford.
The kits are sponsored by Asian betting company Letou - who have replaced BetEast - as well as the club's first shirt-sleeve partner Barracuda Networks.
"He was the finest shirt-sleeve editor I have ever known," said David Perlman, the Chronicle's science editor who met German in Columbia's journalism graduate school.
"Ugo Ehiogu clearly tugged Ruud van Nistelrooy's shirt-sleeve, as TV evidence proved beyond any doubt.