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also shirt-dress  (shûrt′drĕs′)
A dress tailored like a shirt with a collar and buttons down the front. Also called shirtwaist.


(Clothing & Fashion) a dress that resembles a lengthened shirt, often worn with a belt



1. a tailored blouse or shirt worn by women.
2. Also called shirtdress, shirt′waist`er.a dress with a bodice and front opening like a tailored shirt.
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Noun1.shirtdress - a dress that is tailored like a shirt and has buttons all the way down the front
dress, frock - a one-piece garment for a woman; has skirt and bodice


[ˈʃɜːtdres] Ncamisa f vestido
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+ Coordinating buttons (amount & size according to the chosen shirtdress)
She dubbed the shirtdress the Lovington and it sells for $175 on
'Poppie' printed shirtdress, PS129,
The romantic photo shows Turner in a white shirtdress and tall black boots as she lays her legs across Joe's lap.
Is there a better way to transition from spring to summer than with a classic shirtdress? Or a modern shirtdress with edgy details?
There was a yellow-and-black floor-sweeping dress in lush satin duchesse; a green taffeta knee-length coatdress with a removable sash; a red-and-pink jacquard floor-length shirtdress; and another knee-length shirtdress, in baby-pink taffeta, with tonal belt.
At the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards, Cardi B strutted across stage in Rogers's Eddie fox, mink, and ostrich intarsia coat; in the Black Panther soundtrack's "All the Stars" video, SZA croons in his multi-hued taffeta bustier and crawfish suiting trouser; in early October, Tracee Ellis Ross posted a photo wearing the designer's white Spring 2019 Aba basque cotton shirtdress.
Lovi looked lovely in a red lace CH Carolina Herrera shirtdress. 'I went to the store and I had this opportunity to choose whatever it is I wanted to wear, and this is the one that I chose.
In addition, it goes well with almost everything, from a chic halter shirtdress to a bikini cover-up.
Looking elegant in a checked shirtdress Meghan, 36, was all smiles at the Audi Polo Challenge at Coworth Park Polo Club in Berkshire.
There was a photo of a long-sleeved striped shirtdress, with a simple collar and a hem that grazed the midcalf.