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1. A woman's blouse or bodice styled like a tailored shirt.



1. a tailored blouse or shirt worn by women.
2. Also called shirtdress, shirt′waist`er.a dress with a bodice and front opening like a tailored shirt.


A women’s dress with a bodice tailored like a man’s shirt.
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Noun1.shirtwaist - a blouse with buttons down the frontshirtwaist - a blouse with buttons down the front; "in Britain they call a shirtwaist a shirtwaister"
blouse - a top worn by women


[ˈʃɜːtweɪst] N (US) → blusa f (de mujer)
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The last evening you flamed out into beauty you wore your old blue flannel shirtwaist that Mrs.
She dropped her iron on the shirtwaist, clutched at the board, fumbled it, caved in at the knees and hips, and like a half-empty sack collapsed on the floor, her long shriek rising in the pent room to the acrid smell of scorching cloth.
She wears a white shirtwaist, which represents, perhaps, half a week's labor painting cans.
He had been accustomed to her only in trim tailor suits and shirtwaists, or in riding costume of velvet corduroy, and he was not prepared for this new revelation.
Among other relevant historic events, it came to commemorate the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.
MARCH 25, 1911 -- A fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory in New York City kills 146 workers, most of them women who worked stitching the company's products.
1840s Shirtwaist -- The adoption of this artifact will ensure the detached sleeve and ribbon trim are properly sewn back on to the shirtwaist according to 1840s sleeve styles.
The ASSE (American Society for Safety Engineers) was founded in 1911 in response to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and currently has over 37,000 members.
c a fire destroyed the Triangle Shirtwaist factory in New York City,
One told us that the deaths of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire ought
Watchman Abbott's service and sacrifice for the people of New York, which combined with the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire a few days before, began the workplace safety movement in the state and nationally.
Nancy's daytime clothes were very clean and classic, what I call very good American style, the shirtwaist dresses and wonderful Adolfo suits.