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[Japanese, of Chinese origin (either translation of Mandarin zǐsū, purple perilla, using the Japanese readings for the two Chinese characters used to write this word, or direct borrowing of the Early Mandarin form of the word) : Japanese shi, purple (from Middle Chinese tsẓ´) + Japanese so, perilla (from Middle Chinese suə̆).]


(Plants) another name for beefsteak plant
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Shiso Ltd, excavation and levelling of ground, Moor House, Farnley Road, Farnley Tyas.
The octopus was perfect, crispy and charred at the thin end of the tentacle and soft and melt in the mouth at the thick end with the sunflower seed puree, ponzu emulsion and shiso salad offering an unusual but very welcome and complementary accompaniment.
Verjus Shiso olive oil DIAGEO NAMES KAITLYN STEWART WORLD CLASS BARTENDER OF THE YEAR Combine ingredients and stir with ice, strain into chilled glass.
He clearly loves experimenting with ingredients from other cuisines - goat's cheese, Shiso leaves, Romano peppers, portobello mushrooms, duck foie gras, quinoa, wasabi, sumac, peanut butter, there's an endless list of ingredients that aren't commonly found in traditional subcontinental kitchens.
Wild sea trout and shiso ceviche INGREDIENTS 230g/9oz sea trout fillets, skinned and boned Small handful of washed rocket 20g/3/4oz diced mooli 1 small shallot, peeled and finely chopped 8 shiso leaves, finely chopped (or a mix of mint and basil) 1 sprig dill, chopped Zest of 1 kabosu (or lime) 2 kabosu (or limes) juiced 15g/1/2oz finely grated palm sugar Dry flaked sea lettuce 1 radish sliced 80ml/3fl oz of rapeseed oil Shiso and land cress to garnish
Japan Times reports that the preliminary menu includes dishes such as matcha waffle and chicken with smoked maple ponzu and pecan miso butter; a breakfast bento with umami seabass; and his own take on eggs benedict, with crispy tofu, spinach, snow crab, shiso bearnaise and salmon egg.
The Bicol uni and shiso tempura with the stuffed pasta dish deserve to be on their own as appetizers.
There is even an adults-only complex handily located close to the Asian-infusion restaurant Shiso and you can spend your time learning important skills like how to mix the perfect cocktail or take part in a stand-up paddle boarding clinic.
Many Japanese cooks pickle crosnes with red shiso under the name chorogi, which you can purchase in jars in most Asian stores.
The second course was William's Wild Salmon Trout, marinated with an emulsion of sea urchin, served with a dill sauce, oyster leaves with full concentration of the oyster within the leaves, mussels, fresh shiso herbs from Japan, and accented with salmon caviar.
Shrimp Tempura Avocado Roll - Crunchy shrimp, avocado, and mayonnaise sprinkled with purple shiso.
The recipes range from Tokyo-Style Scattered Sushi; Dry Toasted Seaweed (Nori); and Large Rolls (Futomaki); to Cucumber-Wrapped Roll; Hand Rolls (Temaki); and Shiso Ginger Stuffed Sushi (Inarizushi).