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or schlepp also shlep  (shlĕp)Slang
v. schlepped, schlep·ping, schleps or schlepped or schlepp·ing or schlepps also shlepped or shlep·ping or shleps
To carry clumsily or with difficulty; lug: schlepped a shopping bag around town.
To move slowly or laboriously: schlepped around with the twins in a stroller.
1. An arduous journey.
2. A clumsy or stupid person.

[Yiddish shlepn, to drag, pull, from Middle Low German slēpen; see lei- in Indo-European roots.]

schlep′per, shlep′per n.


a variant spelling of schlepper
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Noun1.shlepper - (Yiddish) an awkward and stupid person
Yiddish - a dialect of High German including some Hebrew and other words; spoken in Europe as a vernacular by many Jews; written in the Hebrew script
simpleton, simple - a person lacking intelligence or common sense
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A Jew could be a shlemiel, a shlemazl, a shmo, a shmegegge, a shlepper, a shnorrer, a shtarker, a zhlub, a nudnik, a gonef, or a shmuck.
A onetime shlepper of carpets and cartoons, the Saban of today eats sushi for lunch, consults with bankers over tea and sits through charity balls at night.
And kudos and gratitude to the stellar cast and crew and writers and producers and editors and musicians and mixers and shleppers," she said.