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also shlock  (shlŏk)Slang
Something, such as merchandise or literature, that is inferior or poorly made.
Of inferior quality; cheap or shoddy.

[Possibly from Yiddish shlak, apoplexy, stroke, wretch, evil, nuisance, from Middle High German slag, slak, stroke, from slahen, to strike, from Old High German slahan.]

schlock′y, shlock′y adj.
Our Living Language A number of English words borrowed from Yiddish (a variety of German with an admixture of Hebrew and Slavic elements) are recognizably of foreign extraction because they begin with sound combinations (shl-, shm-, shn-) not found at the beginnings of native English words. Schlock is such a word; it is descended from a Middle High German word for a hit or blow, and thus came to refer to damaged merchandise, and then to merchandise of poor quality. Other words beginning with this and similar sound combinations are Yiddish also: schlep, schmooze, schmuck, and schnoz. These words may not be equally common in all regions of the United States; they are most frequently heard in areas with sizable Jewish populations that either speak Yiddish or are descended from Yiddish speakers, such as New York City. Of course, not all Yiddish words borrowed into English begin with the sound (sh); one need only think of bagel, lox, blintz, nosh, meshuga, and kibitz to get a feeling for the variety of words that Yiddish-speaking Jews brought with them to America.


adj, shlockier or shlockiest
a variant spelling of schlocky
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The film broke away from the shlocky burekas films and Zionist tropes that had filled earlier Israeli films and instead showed a focus on emotion and fully fledged characters.
Taking such a sensitive topic and turning it into a piece of cinema so squalid and so shlocky does nobody involved any favours.
Leibovitz's argument was that Joel's music, in addition to being shlocky and uninspiring, also showed an utter contempt for humanity.
I do remember being in the chorus of a really shlocky production called "Get Up and Go," and probably remember more lyrics from the title song than any of the books I was required to read in three years of junior high school.
The Corporation doesn't promote its most popular programme as a shlocky, hysterical, humourless and grim slither of soap - even though that's all it is.
Presented in 3-D, this most recent episode is gory, shlocky horror of the first order and well worth the trip for any B-Movie fan.
They tool around the country in their spiffily shlocky 1967 Chevy Impala, hunting down ghouls.
The challenge was to avoid making this so shlocky Hollywood where at the end everything was just suddenly OK.
Back in 1966, a group called The Foundations performed a shlocky Top 40 ditty called "Baby, Now That I've Found You.
Homilists are getting less shlocky, but when our pastor quoted a boy who said his mom was analytical, everyone laughed.