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adj. shod·di·er, shod·di·est
1. Made of or containing inferior material.
a. Of poor quality or craft.
b. Rundown; shabby.
3. Dishonest or reprehensible: shoddy business practices.
4. Conspicuously and cheaply imitative.
n. pl. shod·dies
a. Woolen yarn made partially or entirely from scraps or used clothing.
b. Cloth made from or containing such yarn.
2. Something of inferior quality; a cheap imitation.

[Earlier shoddy, worthless material, yarn made by shredding used woolen rags, perhaps from dialectal shoad, shode, loose fragments of ore on the ground indicating the presence of a lode, from Old English scādan, scēadan, to shed, divide ; see skei- in Indo-European roots.]

shod′di·ly adv.
shod′di·ness n.
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Adv.1.shoddily - in a shoddy manner; "a shoddily built house"; "he treated her shoddily"
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بِدناءَه، بِحَقارَه
gyenge minõségben
adî bir şekilde


[ˈʃɒdɪlɪ] ADV shoddily madechapucero, hecho chapuceramente
shoddily builtmal hecho, mal construido
she was very shoddily treated by himél la trató fatal
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[ˈʃɒdɪli] adv [made, built, produced] → mal
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(ˈʃodi) adjective
1. of poor material or quality. shoddy furniture.
2. mean and contemptible. a shoddy trick.
ˈshoddily adverb
ˈshoddiness noun
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MP Robert Halfon said he had met constituents living in Persimmon homes that were "shoddily built, with severe damp and crumbling walls".
Unfortunately, from past experience, delegates who attend those international conferences hardly prepare reports and if they do, they are so shoddily done that they do not help anybody.
Then their cases are shoddily investigated and an overburdened slow-paced judicial system mean the powerful often get away with blue murder.
Our View: Government has treated Pissouri homeowners shoddily
'I want to assure you that the shoddily built market, which consumed a lot of the taxpayer's money, will be renovated so the traders can occupy them,' he said.
Kemboy, ridden by his nephew David Mullins, fell at the first fence, while Ruby Walsh's mount Bellshill jumped shoddily and was pulled up at the ninth obstacle.
The care workers have been treated shoddily. Every time that the care workers come up with help to end this long running dispute over cuts to hours, it is the council who wreck it.
Thony Dizon, Chemical Safety Campaigner, said in a statement that 'children are uniquely susceptible to the negative effects of shoddily made and chemically laden toys as their immature bodies and minds are still growing and developing.
The article, written by guest reviewer Matt Broderick, but commissioned and published by Wood on her Foodiva website, describes an evening at GAIA which Wood describes in an Instagram comment as "Fawlty-esque" in reference to British sitcom Fawlty Towers about a shoddily run hotel.
The shoddily implemented and overcomplicated GST has failed the economy.
Yet the girls apparently come back for more, like being treated shoddily is something to which to aspire.
I recently saw an error in a textbook that made me laugh so hard I nearly fell off our heavily funded but shoddily built footbridge!